Puma Rodriguez criticized his car travel to Canada to visit his daughter Genesis

The singer’s critics accuse him of being a bad father and blame him for not doing something like that for his older daughters.

When it comes to family issues, the controversy is on top of the Venezuelan singer Jose Luis Rodriguez, PUMA. And that’s not the least of it, because although he doesn’t talk about his older daughters or carelessly refer to them, the audience is responsible for reminding them and declaring him a bad dad.

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The latest controversy began with a message Rodriguez sent to congratulate his daughter Genesis on her 34th birthday: “Dear daughter, in the distance we celebrate another year with you. We wish you health and your love always overflowing. This #TBT was celebrating your 16th birthday, how time passes my girl. Happy birthday !”, wrote the artist. The strange detail was that he disabled comments.

The singer has disabled comments for some posts. Photo: illustrative, non-commercial image / https://www.instagram.com/p/CSUyaFJDPbb/

In the next post, Translator of “owner of nothing” He announced that he was in Charlotte, North Carolina. “We are going on a road trip to Toronto, Canada. This new era has also changed the way we travel to reconnect with our loved ones,” he explained in his message, as no one can comment again.

One user told the singer that happiness would only be complete if Liliana and Lilibeth were with him. Image: illustrative, non-commercial image / https://www.instagram.com/p/CShd6ugsCQG/

Crossing the Boma Road led him to travel with his wife over 2,300 kilometers to visit their youngest daughter. Finally, three days ago, he posted a beautiful photo with his family with a sentimental message: “We are so happy after nearly two years. Hugs and blessings from Toronto, Canada.”

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Oddly enough, in the last two posts, people were able to express themselves, and as some congratulated him, there was no shortage of “haters” who took the opportunity to criticize him. “Genesis is not his only daughter, a bad father,” “and his two other daughters don’t even pronounce it,” “I feel sorry just to name Genesis and the other woman he gave birth??? They are not his daughters now…, as a father to his first daughters, he leaves much to be a poor old man.” desirable”, and “If you are excited and do everything to see Genesis, you will do the same for Liliana and Lillibeth…”, reprimanded him.

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