Public Health Report on Coronavirus No. 660

The Ministry of Public Health reported that on Tuesday January 4, 2022, there were no deaths due to COVID-19.

It is also announced that as of 7:30 pm on this date, the following official numbers of coronavirus cases have been recorded in San Juan:

  • New cases: 590
  • Confirmed total: 74,691
  • Infection patients: 2203
  • The number of dead (cumulative number): 1191
  • Recovery: 71297
  • Negative tests: 1944

Part of the boarding schools

21 patients in COVID-19 areas (between positive and suspected) were admitted to Dr. Guillermo Rawson’s Hospitals; Dr.. Marcial Quiroga; Dr.. Ventura Loveras of Sarmiento; Dr.. Cesar Aguilar of Caussette. Dr.. Jose Giordano of Albardon. Federico Cantone, of Boquito; Simic. Dr.. Giulietta Lantry; San Roque Hospital in Yachal; Dr. Alejandro AlbarracĂ­n Hospital of Valle Vertel. Barriel Hospital, Calingasta; 25 de Mayo Hospital; private hospital; medical institute; El Castano Clinic; Santa Clara Clinic; Sanatorio San Juan and CCI.

Of this total, 3 patients remain hospitalized in the critical area, without mechanical ventilation.

Of those arrested in the COVID-19 area, there are no pediatric patients or pregnant/postpartum patients.

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