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“It is important that there is a disclosure of Sciencesso that one can decide which way to go,” stressed the Mexican astronomer Juliet Iron In his meeting with the Veracruz Press, before the opening of the 32nd National Exhibition of Children’s and Young People’s Books, promoted by the Veracruz Institute of Culture.

With charisma and passion in Sciences Characteristic of her, Fierro answered various questions from local contacts, who asked her about her view on Scientific Circular At present, the interest of new generations in it, as well as some aspects of the future, most notably that Sciences He must be present.

What do you think is required for more children and young people to be interested in science?

– If I were the Minister of Public Education, in the first place, I would teach Sciences It was not by heart. He should not know Sciences By heart, but in practice, conducting experiments in which one feels Sciences.

Second: (Education) Sciences This has to do with reality. In high school, I was teaching kids mental sciences: why suddenly girls can’t stand their mom anymore, they like their classmate, and they suddenly want to look pretty… I’m sure this will interest them more than learning the periodic table and the elements.

You have to study Sciences current with trained teachers; Curriculum modification, teaching Sciences For teachers, but not by heart, teach them how to teach Sciences.

– A few months ago I interviewed a girl scientist from Oaxaca, do you participate in any relative momentum program?

– STEM project (NIÑASTEM initiative) for more girls to study Sciences, technology, mathematics, computing, because they will be the job offers of tomorrow. Since Mexico is the main importer of robots in the world, manual jobs will not be much needed, we will need more technicians, engineers and AI specialists which is why these types of professions are the ones that will have good paying jobs.

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In addition, there are disciplines in which interdisciplinary groups have been found to perform better or progress better. Since women’s brains are different from men’s, when they work together more ideas emerge and there are other disciplines such as Ericsson in Sweden, who discovered that women’s brains are better than engineers.

– Do cuts in CONACYT have an impact on the progress of science in Mexico?

-Of course they do, because they don’t like Sciences Basic. They focus too much on popular knowledge; Over generations, Mexico and the diversification of Mexicans have developed many things, but that does not mean that they are Sciences.

Ideally, associate people who ask traditional questions with researchers to find out what works best and why. When there are interdisciplinary groups of popular knowledge with scholars, I will do work Sciences The Mexican made a very important leap.

– What do you think is the reason why girls are not encouraged to study science?

Because we don’t know how to ask for help. To be a scientist, you must have a Bachelor’s degree, a Ph.D., a Producer’s residency, entry into a research center, and if you are pregnant, they take your scholarship. We must bear in mind that women’s biological times differ from those of men.

In other words, in Mexico we need to be able to ask a relative to help us, to hire a domestic worker, but for the grant to help us with that (…) what we need is the support of women so that they can do both when they are young: study and having children. But we have to keep fighting.

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On August 29, NASA launched the Artemis 1 mission, but it is now unmanned. When will man be able to go up to the moon again?

– The idea that in 2024, that’s the goal, a black woman and a man. But first you have to learn how to live on the moon, learn how to use lunar soil and mix it like glue to use 3D printers to create habitats, tools and solar panels, and use materials from the moon so you don’t have to bring them in. Everything is from Earth, deflecting meteorites or comet cores, which contain water, so they don’t have to carry water from Earth.

Once we learn to live in one, we can go to Mars.

Do you think there is life on Mars?

– There is an underground sea that could exist, but I think that’s where life is most likely to be found on two moons, one of Jupiter and one of Saturn, covered in ice and the sea below. There are heaters from which water and organic matter come out. And just as there is life in the deep sea on Earth, there can be life in these two worlds as well.

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