Provide details of the master plan of the Pedernales Tourism Project

Business managers and representatives of international organizations, details of the master plan of the Pedernales Tourism Development Project.

Santo Domingo,. The Directorate General of Public-Private Partnerships (DGAPP) Presented to the diplomatic corps accredited in the country, business managers and representatives of international organizations, details Project master plan From Tourism development in Pedernales And the business opportunities it provides Domestic and foreign investors.

The Executive Director of DGAPP thanked the diplomats for their interest in learning about the range of initiatives organized in the country through the public-private partnership model, in particular the Cabo Rojo-Pedernales project, which he emphasized will become a regional benchmark for its potential for an environmentally friendly luxury destination and for being the only tourist destination in The area that has been planned and developed from scratch under a public-private partnership.

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After presenting the video “Come to Cabo Rogo Pedernales, a call from heaven,” Freund explained with DGAPP Deputy Technical Director Eliardo Cairo and Pro-Pedernales Trust Financial Adviser, Ornella Oberto, detailing the financial model for this project whose estimated investment will be 2,245 Million USD which is considering in its first phase the construction of 4,700 hotel rooms.

He renewed the commitment of the Dominican State and the President of the Republic personally Luis Abenader to the tourism development of Pedernales, a project that, due to its attractive features, not only promises to be a luxury destination, but calls for a change of life. The economy of people living in the country’s poorest counties, creating nearly 20,000 direct jobs and more than 50,000 indirect jobs.

The following ambassadors participated in this meeting: Annemiki Vergip from the Netherlands; Daniel Beran-Byure from the State of Israel. Volker Pele from Germany. Iris Odeli Acuña, from Nicaragua; Carlos Pinavel of Mexico; yam kebabcoglu from Turkey; Christine Laberge from Canada; Oscar Toledo, from El Salvador.

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Likewise, Ambassadors Cristina Carrion of Uruguay. Katja Avoldt from the European Union. Edwin Arias Chinchilla from Costa Rica. Masahiro Takagi of Japan; Santiago Martinez Espinola, from Ecuador; Maria Cecilia Rosas from Peru. Javier Antonio Zepeda, from Guatemala.

It was also attended by the Minister Plenipotentiary and Chargé d’Affairs of the State of Qatar, Yasser Awad Al-Abdullah. OAS representative, Araceli Azwara; Resident Coordinator for the United Nations System, Mauricio Ramirez; Representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Rodrigo Castañeda Sepulveda, Representative of the World Bank, Alexandria Valerio, and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Augustin Rodriguez.

At the end of the official presentation of the project, the Mexican Ambassador, Carlos Penavel Soto, thanked the Director of the DGAPP, Sigmund Freund, and his technical team for this important meeting, and similarly thanked the heads of diplomatic missions in the country for responding to the invitation to learn first-hand about the investment opportunities offered by the new tourist destination that is being planned Its in the Dominican Republic, Cabo Rojo Pedernales.

Pinavel recalled the Mexican experience with developing the destination in Cancun and locating it in America. He predicted numerous successes for DGAPP and its director, Sigmund Freund, noting that the time was right to write the history of a new destination in the Dominican Republic.

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