Proud of Anya Taylor-Joy Argentina and Happy Netflix

Little an actress Anya Taylor Joy, 24, became a social media trend after her success in the series.Lady’s gambitOr “The Queen’s Gambit” in English, thanks to that explanation, she managed to win the Golden Gobo award, without a doubt Netflix and Argentina are proud of her at this time.

You might be wondering why both the platform and the country feel so much passion for their award Anya Taylor Joy, “The Quee’s Gambit” or “Gambit de Dama” is a Netflix original series, so the platform is celebrating the young woman’s success because it was her project that made her win and of course her performance.

As for the Argentine country, it is because a personal interpreter.Beth HarmonShe is of British Argentine descent, but in an interview in which she surprised everyone who spoke fluent Spanish and had an Argentinian accent, Anya Taylor Joy admitted that despite being British and Argentine and living in the United States for years, she originally considered herself from ArgentinaSo the country is proudly celebrating its success

We found on Twitter some posts from the official account of Netflix Latin America, where they congratulated the beautiful actress on winning the Golden Globe Award, and Anya was nominated for two projects, the first was for “Emma” and the second. “Lady’s Gambit” Unfortunately she did not win her movie, but she won because of it. Series Or a limited series.

In the microblogging service, many users also celebrated Anya Taylor-Joy’s success, and some asked the president to place the actress’s image on the highest-denomination banknotes, and Anya’s name became a national pride, something hundreds of Argentines privately agree on. Excellent work.

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From the moment the series launched on October 20, 2020, it was such a hit among Netflix users that chess games instantly became trendy not only in Latin America but around the world. The platform has more than 200 million subscribers around the world, so any project that launches and becomes popular has a ticket to attend awards ceremonies like the famous Golden Globes.

Currently, the actress has 5 million and 200 thousand followers on her official account on Instagram, and has posted about 1106 photos and videos. As for the accounts that she follows, there are only 286, and one of the most recent posts she provided is from her series “Lady’s Gambit”. “.

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Although he has been devoting himself to acting for a long time (since 2013), it is certain that from this moment he will start gaining more fame as well as fans around the world, with a tremendous desire to know more about his past and future projects.

Applause for # GoldenGlobes2021 Best Actress Anya Taylor-Joy; In conjunction with the best short series The Queen’s Gambit, 2020 by director Scott Frank, based on Walter Teves’ 1983 novel, “they wrote on Twitter.

Tonight, the beautiful actress wore a gorgeous grass green dress with a V-neck. Her neckline was very deep and looked perfect on her white skin, and her character Beth Harmon was red, but this time we were delighted to see her in an amazing photo. Blond color.

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