Protests in Cuba: The United States lamented that “the regime’s violent repression and reprisals against Cubans” prevented further mobilization.

US President Joe Biden (Photo: Reuters)

The White House confirmed this Wednesday that it is continuing to “Auditits policy towards Cuba and that any adjustment will be sought “Encouraging behavior change” For the Cuban regime, in addition to taking into account the unprecedented protests on Sunday on the island.

We continue to review our policy towards Cuba, given its impact on the political and economic well-being of the Cuban people.The White House spokeswoman said, Jin PsakiDuring his daily press conference.

He added that “There is no doubt that the protests over the weekend and what happened in recent days were significant events (…) ‘spewing,’It will obviously have an effect“In the US decision on ‘how to proceed’,” he added.

Nearly six months after coming to power, the government of United States President Joe Biden has yet to deliver on its election promise to “Return “to the process of dissolving with Cuba initiated by former President Barack Obama (2009-2017), who was the vice president.

Psaki noted that changes promoted by former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) to reverse the thaw were “prominentand that the White House continue to study the policy that best supports the promotion ofdemocracy and the human rightsOn the island.

A man remains on the ground before his arrest during anti-government protests (Photo: EFE)
A man remains on the ground before his arrest during anti-government protests (Photo: EFE)

“We want to do it from the perspective of what will directly help the Cuban people and what will help encourage a change in (the Cuban government’s) behavior, if that is possible.”The spokeswoman confirmed.

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In April, Psaki said that changing policy toward Cuba was not a priority for Biden, and in June, the United States showed it had no vested interest in rescinding Trump’s actions. By voting against the annual UN resolution condemning the US embargo on the island, rather than abstaining from it, as Obama’s CEO has done.

Regarding the current situation on the island, the spokesperson asked again “Rapid release of peaceful protesters unjustly detained.”

The protests in Cuba came to a complete halt due to the regime’s violent repression and reprisals against Cubans who exercised their basic and universal rights. This is unacceptable,” Psaki stressed.

Thousands of Cubans took to the streets on Sunday to protest the government, chanting “¡freedom! On an unprecedented day that ended with Dozens of arrests and clashes after Diaz-Canel ordered his supporters to come out to confront the protesters.

The protests are the strongest that have occurred in Cuba since the so-called “maleconazoIn August 1994, the country fell into a serious economic and health crisis, with the epidemic spiraling out of control and severe shortages of food, medicine and other essential products, as well as prolonged power outages.

(With information from EFE)

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