Promotion of “Aesthetic Medicine” services

“I think aesthetic medicine has reached a bit of a secondary level, it has more artistic background, it is a perfect fusion of science and art,” said Dr. Daniel Konka Catapan in an interview published in October 2018, under the title “Art of Photography.” Rejuvenating him in a natural way.” Last weekend, he promoted the services of aesthetic medicine in Catamarca, through his social networks. However, last Thursday, the authorities of the Faculty of Medicine of Catamarca, through the legal advice area, filed a criminal complaint against Conca Catapan. On “Illegal Practice of Medicine”.

Guillermo Martinez, President of this institution, after being consulted by El Ancasti, commented that they learned about this situation through several colleagues. Then a record was set. The owner noted that the situation is new. Sometimes professionals from other provinces come to Catamarca to promote their services. The issue to bear in mind is that, in order to comply with current regulations, they are required to be pre-registered.

In this sense, he explained that registration produces records and documents that certify each and every one of the professionals. Regarding this professional, he indicated that he “is not registered in Catamarca. He is involved in the illegal practice of medicine. He explained that the registration enables the practice through an empowerment license.

Although this is the first complaint against this doctor, he cautioned that such cases usually occur in the capital and at home. Cases have already been recorded in Tinogasta, Recreo and Fray Mamerto Esqui. Sometimes, it happens with ophthalmological institutions that sign an agreement with the municipalities. In this regard, Martinez explained that they must be verified as doctors and that they are specialists, with the appropriate licenses.

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At the same time, he noted, after contacting potential patients by phone, they were cited somewhere serving as an office. Sometimes, these medical consultations were conducted in hotel rooms and hostels. The college delegate cautioned that the physical spaces require a permit from the Health Inspection District of the Ministry of Health.

In order to protect patients and enable them to freely choose their patients, the College of Medicine recommended paying attention to the registration number. “The province does not exceed 2,300,” he said. At the same time, he stressed the need to pay attention to the registration number by specialization.

In November 2019, the Economic Criminal Control Court of the City of Cordoba confirmed the lifting of the judgment of six lawyers, five doctors and one individual for maneuvers aimed at reaching fraudulent agreements with professional risk insurance (ART) companies from business lawsuits initiated based on apocryphal medical certificates. These behaviors included the commission of multiple crimes. Judge Gustavo Hidalgo asserted that labor lawyers and doctors had devised a way to obtain an illicit economic profit from ART that covered the risks of working for employees of various entities. The decision states that doctors and lawyers were responsible for the fraudulent seizure of hundreds of clients, themselves or through recruitment firms, in order to persuade them to initiate compensation lawsuits on the grounds that ART had violated various obligations or caused certain diseases. The reason is among the accused, Doctor Daniel Konka Catapan.

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