Project for Colombians to travel without a visa to the United States: The State Department revealed progress in the process

The national government is advancing an important process for Colombians who want to live the so-called American dream, and this is in connection with the current visa regime. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that it had met in recent weeks with consular entities and national authorities to evaluate the initiative to cancel the aforementioned requirement, however, it was made clear that it is a procedure that may take several years.

Vice Chancellor Francisco Cuiconfirmed that, together with the Colombian Ambassador to the United States, Luis Gilberto Murillo, an inter-institutional process to assess the project of the so-called Exemption from entry visaIt is a document that allows Colombians and foreigners to enter the United States without the traditional visa. Obviously, trips must be for business or tourism purposes and not exceed 90 days of stay.

Cui explained:

“This week with Ambassador Luis Gilberto Murillo, Ambassador to the United States, we started the inter-institutional process that led to the visa waiver of Colombians in the United States. The idea is that it is a process that will take some time, and that requires a series of actions both internally and against the United States, to carry the states United States to join the list, which has already reached 100, of the countries that have not required this requirement for Colombian travelers in the world.

Although this news is of great importance to the citizens who grow coffee, this international agreement process could take several years, given the terms demanded by the government of United StateHowever, for Vice Chancellor Cui It is something of great importance, and moreover, the United States will enter the list of countries that do not require Colombian citizens to visit.

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“We must take into account that it is a process that will take several years, but we must start, it is a long way, but we are confident that at the end of this process we will have Colombians in the list of citizens, who will not require a visa to enter the United States with a tourist initiative,” Administrator added.

For its part, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarified that the Director of Colombia’s Immigration, Carlos Fernando García, was present at the meeting, as well as officials from the National Police, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Civil Aeronautics and, obviously, delegates from the Chancellery. .

Based on what was discussed, important points were made to benefit from the admission program proposed by the United States, and the State Department highlighted:

“At the meeting, a review of the admissions program requirements was conducted, in accordance with the five pillars established by the US government: Counterterrorism, Law Enforcement, Traveler Detection, Immigration Law Enforcement and Identity Documents. Flight/Identity”.

Although relations between Colombia and the United States are experiencing a good moment, the purpose of the national government is to honor the transit of Colombian citizens into the North American country, to strengthen relations and to respect the rights of the population.

“This meeting is part of the migration and human mobility policy of the national government, which seeks freedom of movement, dignity, respect for the rights and social cohesion of Colombians moving abroad, as well as the purpose of further strengthening Colombia’s strategic bilateral relationship with the United States,” she highlighted the aforementioned portfolio.

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These are the waiting times for your visa application appointment in Colombia

B1/B2: 845 days

F/M/T: 20 days

Solicitation (H, L, O, P): 6 days

Non-residents of Colombia or Venezuela (all categories): 843 days

Exemption from the interview: 46 days

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