Professionals from Mexico and Latin America can work in Canada

32,000 new jobs were created in British Columbia. There is currently a workforce shortage in Canada.

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Mexico: There is currently a shortage of labor force in Canada. The reasons are varied, from the fact that more and more Canadian citizens are retiring from their jobs to changing residence for a large portion of Economically active populationleaving thousands of vacancies available to fill.

This phenomenon has increased dramatically in the past year, prompting companies to look for ways to fill these positions with international students who have graduated from graduate studies or majors in Canadian schools.

Educational institutions such as UCW play a key role in this work context, Not only to prepare professionals with the knowledge and tools to fill available positions, but also to guide this new talent in their integration into the Canadian workforce with all that that implies.

This explains it Michael Krebs, Co-Director of UCW for Latin America and the Caribbean:

As a higher education institution, we are committed to offering our students opportunities that allow them to develop professionally and improve their quality of life through specialized master’s and bachelor’s programs in business. 97% of our graduates secure a job within 12 months or so from the moment they finish their studies.”

Last month, 32,000 new jobs were created in the province of British Columbia The unemployment rate is the lowest ever at 3.4%.

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This is the context, Opportunities arise for Mexican students And from other parts of the world they choose UCW to complete their postgraduate studies.

The fastest growing industries are hospitality, education, finance, science and technology, and real estate, with over 5,000 jobs created in a single month.

To announce the educational offer and job opportunities that international students can access at UCW, on Thursday, November 17, a panel titled “Canada needs talent. UCW opens doors for you,” Where students and teachers will share their experiences and learning with all those interested in the topic. If you would like to participate, click on this link to register.

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