ProDominicana supports producers at Constanza Harvest 2022 with its services

not vega. – Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic (ProDominicana) The group has provided its services to exporters and Cibao authorities, in the framework of Constance Harvest Festival 2022, Organized by Constanza Development Association and held in the aforementioned municipality of La Vega.

The 2022 Constance Harvest Festival, which seeks to expose and promote the country’s agricultural products, It was presented to the President of the Republic, Luis Abenader. Where products and techniques applied to agricultural production were presented, in addition to workshops and cultural activities related to the productive sector in the region.

We make an extraordinary effort to ensure that municipal producers actively participate in the country’s exports. The Harvest Festival is an opportunity to engage the agricultural sector of Constanza and La Vega in general” He said Biviana Rivero, CEO of Prodomicana.

Similarly, Riveiro explained that in the framework of National Export Development PlanProactively boost the country’s export sector. ‚ÄúThis means that our team goes to the communities; with the ProDominicana offices we set up in all provinces, we are much closer to the regions where our exportable supplies are produced.“, he added.

It should be noted that Constanza producers can make more effective business decisions based on the data available in the corresponding section of La Vega located in Regional Productive Profiles of Exports and Investments for Development. According to the available information, exports from La Vega province amounted to 126.86 million US dollars in 2021. 78% of them went to the United States. 5% to Canada, 4% to Haiti and 2% to Puerto Rico.

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Among the products exported from the province of La Vega are sports shoes and cotton jackets, as well as hot peppers and peppers. The province offers business opportunities in the agricultural sector, as well as in eco-rural and mountain tourism.

Constanza’s economic activity is agriculture1,800,000 square meters of greenhouses are devoted to the production of fruits and vegetables for import and local consumption. Strawberries, grapes, apples and many more vegetables and flowers are produced there.

During the festival, ProDominicana showcased the products and services it offers to the country’s export sector. Get information about him ProDominicana CONNECT, Your trading platform digitally.

as presented archerService that allows the country’s trading partners to know export requirements.

Likewise, the Exporters Guide and the Export Guide were presented. Training offer is available at Prodominicana trains.

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