Prize for Young Scientists in Pinar del Rio

Photo: Dainarys Campos Montesino

As proof that the legacy of Cuban science is safe in the work of new generations, the provincial prizes awarded by Citma were presented to young researchers and technologists from Pinar del Río.

At a ceremony held at the Rafael Morales Theater of the University of Pinar del Rio (UPR), Hermanos Saez Montes de Oca, with the Prize for Scientific Creativity, students of higher secondary education of the IPVCE Federico Engels and the Mixed Carlos Marx Center, as well as students of different faculties of the UPR were honored and medical sciences.

Photo: Dainarys Campos Montesino

In addition, the award was given to the young technologist, who went on to Master of Science Anileidys Muñoz Lazo, of the Docente Abel Santamaría Cuadrado General Hospital, and the provincial award was given to 14 young people from different branches of science, for scientific findings and contributions and expertise in research areas.

“Receiving this recognition and proposing to win it at the country level is a challenge and a result of my work as a professional. Pinar del Rio is a vanguard of young researchers and technologists who honor the educational work of thousands of teachers.

Photo: Dainarys Campos Montesino

“To those, to those who have nurtured us with knowledge, I dedicate this important outcome, also to the UPR that has welcomed us to become ‘men of science, men of thought’, as our leader said,” said Dr. C. Yosmani Ventura Perez, the county’s youngest Doctor of Science.

The activity was headed by Marles Valdés Arias, official of the party’s regional committee; Niorca Rodríguez Hernández, Vice Governor of Pinar del Rio; Evelio Herrera Padrón, Regional Director for Education, and Madalets Esquijarora Ferro, Sub-Delegate for Science in the Setma Regional Delegation.

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