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Prince Andrew’s ability and To temporarily replace King Charles III, he was questioned this Wednesday in the House of Lords.

royal family two Five state advisors to the kingAnd the Those authorized by law to perform official duties Signing documents, receiving ambassadors or attending meetings of the Privy Council On behalf of the King if he is ill or traveling abroad.

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Includes members of the State Council The King’s wife and the next four in the line of succession who are over 21 years old.

they are currently stretcherQueen Consort; Prince WilliamPrince of Wales; Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. Prince AndrewThe Duke of York and his princess daughter Beatrice.

During a session in the House of Lords, Viscount Stansgate asked If there are any plans to amend the guardianship lawwhere these judgments are created, now that The Duke of Sussex has “left the country”.

Prince Harry and his wife Megan. (Danny Lawson – Pool).

He wondered if it was time for the Government to turn to the King to see if a decision could be made. “reasonable adjustment”

His statements were endorsed by the Liberal Democrat Lord Addington, who suggested that he should be the first choice member of the Council Someone who “really performs the royal duties or at least some of them”.

Can the government indicate that it will at least consider the person you go to in first consideration Someone who already performs real jobs, Or at least part of them, for the time being? “

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The British royal family during Queen Elizabeth's funeral.  (Martin Meisner - Pool AP).
The British royal family during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. (Martin Meisner – Pool AP).

In response, Lord True, the private seal and fifth in rank of senior state official in the UK, indicated that he would not comment on “specific circumstances” or discuss any “private conversations” that had taken place with the royal family. .

But he added that the government “will always consider the necessary items to ensure resistance” within the constitutional arrangements in the country.

“In the past, we have seen that the time of accession has proven to be a useful opportunity to look at existing agreements,” he noted. “It is clear that any consideration must be made in close consultation with the royal family.”

Prince Andrew.  (Andy Buchanan - Agence France-Presse).
Prince Andrew. (Andy Buchanan – Agence France-Presse).

Some of the essential constitutional functions of a monarch, however, are They cannot be delegated, such as Commonwealth affairs, create peers, or appoint a new Prime Minister.

Parliament can only be dissolved with express instructions from His Majesty the King.

Earlier this year, the power was used to allow Charles III, who was Prince of Wales at the time, He led the opening of Parliament because Queen Elizabeth II, who died a few months later, had problems with mobility.

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