Prices will drop a lot in 2023

You are looking forward to studying and residing in Canada, because we have good news, for the next year, the prices for studying in that northern country will drop a lot and will be affordable for almost everyone interested in the island. We tell you what’s new.

According to Martineau & Mindicanu’s blog on “The Art of Immigration,” the Canadian government of Quebec this week announced an $80 million budget spread over four years to search for international students who want to study. In French in this province.

“Thanks to this new procedure, international students who meet the admission criteria will be exempted from paying the additional school fees that generally apply to them,” you read. And if that wasn’t enough, They will have the right to work up to 20 hours per week.

For example, the average annual cost for a foreign student without this approved undergraduate-level exemption was C$24,000, but with this new law, which will take effect in the fall of next year, eligible foreign students will pay the same basic tuition fees from Quebec.

That’s about $3,000 CAD for a full-time student attending the university. Likewise, during their studies, students will be able to take up a job and thus respond to the business needs of employers in different regions of Quebec.

Cubans in Canada

“The prices of studying in Canada will drop a lot in 2023. For those who ask me how to come to Canada, this seems like a unique opportunity. I am not a lawyer or an immigration consultant. I am also not very well informed. For more information, I advise you to visit the government website or Contact certified consultants,” said a Cuban journalist based in that city.

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Scholarships to study in Canada? Some point out that it is somewhat difficult to get a scholarship. There are always exceptions for students with excellent results, with some universities offering financial aid.

There are also agreements between governments to award scholarships for studies in Canada. However, it is very difficult to get one, although it will be necessary to investigate every available university and on government sites. We leave you two options for review: s .

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