Previewed the new series co-produced by CONICET Documentary and TEC “Científica”

20230 At the Center for Science Culture (C3), President of the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) Ana Franchi and Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (MINCyT) Daniel Vilmos led the preview of the “Scientific” series. It is a co-production of CONICET Documental, the audiovisual production company of CONICET’s Directorate of Institutional Relations (DRI), together with TEC – the Tran Media platform of MINCYT’s Directorate of Audiovisual Expression and Content (DAYCA) – that will be released for all audiences. From the TEC screen next Thursday, June 15th at 10 pm and soon on public television.

During the event, the President of CONICET said: “It is important to be able to show the different scientific disciplines that are being implemented in the country, in all its regions and their impact on people’s lives. Also the different aspects that researchers can have in developing their projects. For example, there are those Do it in the field work, in the woods, as shown in this chapter, and those who do it from the laboratory or from different places.It’s important because it means that in science you can also choose.Obviously showing what science does is a necessity so that young people can from determining how this can positively impact biodiversity, ecosystems, health, the environment and society in general.” He also highlighted the role of audiovisual productions, such as those produced by CONICET documentaries promoting scientific careers: “Public communication of science is essential to encourage scientific vocations and show what science can do to society.”

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The Minister of Science congratulated those involved in the production of the series and emphasized: “For us, it is as important to develop science as it is to inform it. As we have seen recently, among other things, research is necessary to take care of the planet’s resources and for society to be able to progress. Therefore, we need publication So that there is a social demand for researchers and researchers.

He added: “We want this type of documentaries and series to be widely disseminated, to generate new questions and the possibility of choosing more girls and boys for science. Argentina has few scientists and scientists, and we need more. We are the only country in the southern hemisphere to be awarded Three Nobel Prizes in science, so it is very important that more young people choose science. That is why I recommend dealing with both TEC and CONICET documentaries.

The production was presented by Series Director and CONICET Documental member, Claudio Antonio Manriquez, together with TEC President, Lucas Turturro. It consists of four 26-minute chapters that depict the personal experiences of three researchers and a CONICET researcher in their daily activities. For this preview, the selected episode is titled “Strong Ties”. It reflects Dr. Karolina Parwetavina’s experiences and efforts to find a balance between pine wood production and the preservation of local forests, by examining the essential interaction between plants and fungi.

After the show, there was a team in which the series’ protagonists spoke about the current state of scientific research, which is depicted in every episode, and about the importance of audiovisual formats as tools for scientific dissemination. Researchers Karolina Paruetavina and Alejandra Volpedo participated in this segment.

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In addition, students from three secondary schools and youth from the group “Estamos al Horno”, an environmental science education and outreach initiative promoted by the Cultural Center for Science – C3.00, attended

The ceremony was also attended by CONICET Vice President of Scientific Affairs Mario Piccini and Director of Pronunciation and Audiovisual Content Juan Pirro. Director of Corporate Relations at CONICET, Alejandro Dabrowski; Nicholas Zemboren, CONICET Documentary and Scientific Communities Coordinator.

It should be noted that the series will be shown to the public starting next Thursday, June 15th at 10:00 pm on the TEC screen on signal 22.5 of TDA or on live feed.

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