Presentation of “Science and Technology in Animal Research”, the world’s first interactive book on laboratory animal science

The release offers, for the first time, the translation into any language of its contents and the possibility of practically instant update. It is presented in a format similar to a virtual training platform, which allows the reader not only to read the main text as in a traditional book, but also to directly enter, view or download any of the supplementary resources on offer.

This innovative format has allowed the university publishing house to open new horizons for the future, by embarking on the publication of a series of self-created interactive books dedicated to any subject in the experimental and social sciences, making it one of the most progressive Spanish publishers. ..

Five years of preparation

The huge popularity of the earlier work “Laboratory Animal Science and Technology” has made it, with thousands of copies sold in print, CD, USB, and PDF, one of the best-selling science reads of the past ten years of all publications. Spanish University Press. A new version of this project has become necessary due to changes in European regulations on animal testing and has gained particular importance due to the increased community interest in research, especially from obtaining vaccines. The animals were priceless.

Directed by doctors José María Orellana Moreana (University of Alcala) and Jesús Martín Zúñiga (University of Granada), for more than five years 138 authors (73 women and 65 men) have been involved in drawing up 64 chapters, which contain more than 3,000 text pages and 500 A complementary resource (scholarly articles, photographs and videos, among others), organized into a series of training modules that cover all legally required learning outcomes. Thus, the book has now become an essential tool for organizing training courses and scientific consultations during research.

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With this in mind, and bearing in mind that anyone wishing to work in animal research must undergo training before starting their activities and obtain a training certificate, the publication includes training modules related to the search for alternatives to experimentation. Animal welfare and animal welfare improvement or ethics in research, as well as other matters relating to biology, animal housing, or correct design of procedures.

Research ethics and animal experimentation

Animal research is essential to advances in improving the health of humans, animals themselves, and even the environment. Proof of this is the file The joint tripartite alliance of the Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Health Organization and the World Organization for Animal Healthwhich is a holistic approach OneHealthpromoted by the Spanish Ministry of Health, has already had the support of 650,000 health professionals represented by the national collegiate organizations of veterinary medicine, medicine, pharmacy and nursing.

In this sense, the University of Alcalá continues to lead the world in publishing educational texts in Spanish for the training of individuals involved in animal research, as a response to international regulations and the social awareness of the need to deal ethically and guarantee the animal. Care.

Given the invaluable value of the participation of animals in research, and since, at present, their use cannot be entirely avoided, this must be compensated for by ensuring that the treatment we give them is as ethical as possible. Thus, in line with the importance it places on society and the need to protect used animals, this sector has one of the most stringent legal regulations in the field of research.

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University of Alcala, through Animal Research and Experimentation Ethics Committeedepends on Vice President of Search and TransferEnsures that all research projects are carried out with the utmost ethical and legal safeguards.

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