Potential competitors in the semifinals and playoffs?

The moment of truth is approaching for choices Honduras And Mexicowho will fight for a ticket to Copa America 2024 And also to reach the semi-finals of CONCACAF Nations League.

The remaining quarter-final matches Nations League We are: United States-Trinidad and Tobago, Costa Rica-Panama And Jamaica-Canada.

It must be remembered that the four winning teams will be classified directly into America’s Cup Next year, while the losers will get another shot at the qualifiers, which awards two additional tickets.

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It is important to mention that CONCACAF It has not yet been officially announced how these replay matches will be decided in the quest to qualify for the Copa America.

What has been defined is the way the semi-final matches of the CONCACAF Nations League will be decided.

Yes Honduras Come to pass MexicoYou must wait for the performance of the other teams in their respective crosses.

“To determine the semi-final ties, the four participating nations will be ranked from 1 to 4, based on their performance in the quarter-finals (in points and, if necessary, goal difference), with the highest-ranked team facing the worst-ranked team (1 vs. 4 and 2 vs. 3), according to CONCACAF regulations.

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That is, then Honduras Wins both matches against Mexico The worst seed will face off in the semi-finals in Nations League.

“The four losers in the quarter-finals will still have the chance to qualify for next summer’s Copa America, through a replay, where they will play for the two remaining spots for CONCACAF countries. The rematch will also take place in March 2024,” CONCACAF said. mentioned.

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“Further details about the CONCACAF Nations League 23/24 finals and the 2024 Copa America finals in CONMEBOL will be announced in due course,” they added.

Options for defining repechage crosses

Everything seems to indicate that the play-offs for qualification to the 2024 Copa America could be decided based on the standings.

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i.e. best ranked in the CONCACAF standings versus worst, but that’s not official yet.

Just for clarity, the current CONCACAF standings are as follows:

1. Mexico.

2. United State

3. Panama

4. Canada

5. Costa Rica

6. Jamaica

7. Haiti

8. Honduras

9. Guatemala

10. Martinique

Eleven. Trinidad and Tobago

If the nominated team qualifies for the semi-finals United State, Mexico, Canada And Panamato Honduras national team He could touch you Jamaica In the playoffs, if it’s in the end CONCACAF He confirms that the crossings will be determined according to the classification subject.

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