Pope’s health: Francis underwent medical examinations at Gemelli Hospital

ROME: Pope Francis, 86, was admitted to Gemelli Hospital today at 10:40 local time (05:40 in Argentina) for a week. Observation visitThe agency reported I forget. Shortly thereafter, at about 11:20 am, he left and at noon returned to Santa Marta House, his home, in the Vatican.

The church leader, who was hospitalized for four days in the same hospital at the end of March because of a acute pneumoniaHe was in the geriatrics center at this clinic where the Popes usually attend. Although, according to La Repubblica, which confirmed that the control was “already programmed”, it had something to do with Nuclear medicine exam Necessary to give information about the internal organs and tissues.

In recent days, Francisco has appeared to be doing relatively well. And on Tuesdays, he usually doesn’t have masses, it’s kind of a holiday.

The last time he entered Gemelli was on March 29 and A.J urgency. He must have got there by ambulance, after feeling unwell in the general public on Wednesday. Then it caused a sudden hospitalization Great alarm around the worldOr because some accounts spoke of a heart disease, but finally, according to what the Pope himself told reporters, it was like acute pneumoniawhich did not go to the major because it was taken on time.

In an interview with Telemundo which he confessed on 25 May, when asked about his sudden entry into Gemelli that day, the Pope admitted that “it was something unexpected” and reiterated that it was “severe pneumonia” he had contracted during the attendance.

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but we caught her in time, they told me; If we had waited a little longer, it would have been much more serious“, he admitted. “No, I left in four days,” he later recalled, referring to the fact that he was discharged in such a short time, and therefore, despite such hospitalization, he was able to preside over all the ceremonies of Holy Week. , which showed an impressive recovery ability.

When the journalist from TelemundoJulio Vaquero, commenting that he looks very good, answered Francisco with his usual Buenos Aires humour. “I’m already at that age where you have to say, ‘How good you look.’ It’s a compliment to the elderly,” he commented.

Speaking about another health problem plaguing him, that of his right knee (for which he sometimes uses a wheelchair), the Pope admitted that although his mobility had improved, he sometimes had moments of intense pain. “(I’m much better. I can walk now. The knee has been recoveringBefore that, I could not walk. Now I walked again. There are more painful days, like today. But it is part of development.”

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