Pope’s Angels: Don’t waste time blaming others

Jesus restores faith to its center without external formalities. “There is an infallible way to overcome evil,” Pope Francis said at his Sunday prayer hour: “Begin by conquering it in yourself.” That is why the Holy Father called us to ask the Virgin Mary “who changed history through the purity of her heart” to “help us purify our heart, and above all overcome the vice of blaming others and grumbling about everything”.

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Commenting on the Gospel of the Liturgy of that day showing the scribes and Pharisees astonished by the attitude of Jesus, who were shocked to see that his disciples were eating without performing the traditional ritual ablution, the Pope said:

We too can ask ourselves: Why did Jesus and his disciples neglect these traditions? After all, it is not bad things, but good ritual habits, simple washing before eating. Why doesn’t Jesus care about them?

Restore faith to its center

Francis made it clear that it was important for the Lord to restore faith to its center. “And to avert risk, which is good for those scribes as well as for us: observe external formalities, and leave the heart of faith in the background.”

The danger of denouncing appearance

“It is the danger of religious appearance: pretending to be good on the outside, neglecting the purification of the heart. There is always the experience of ‘God’s reformation’ with some external devotion, but Jesus does not accept this worship. He does not want the outside. He wants faith that reaches the heart.”

Bad things are born from the heart

After recalling that Jesus told the audience that “there is nothing outside of man that by entering it can make him unclean” and that instead, “from within, from the heart” bad things are born, the pontiff added:

“These words are revolutionary, because in the mindset of the time it was believed that certain foods or external contacts make one unclean. Jesus reversed the perspective: what comes from without is not bad, but what is born from within”

And the Holy Father added that this also concerns those of us who are inclined to believe that “evil comes mainly from without: from the behavior of others, from the behavior of those who think badly of us, and from society.”

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blaming others

“How often do we blame others, society, the world, for everything that happens to us! It is always the fault of ‘others’: the fault of the people and those who judge misfortune”

He also stated that “problems always seem to come from the outside”. And that we “spend our time distributing blame; but spending time blaming others is a waste of time.”

“You can’t be really religious by complaining: anger, resentment, and sadness close the doors to God”

That is why Pope Francis called us to ask the Lord “to free us from blaming others”. And to ask also “the grace not to waste time polluting the world with grievance, because this is not Christian.”

Instead, Jesus invites us to look at life and the world from the heart. If we look inside, we will find almost everything we hate on the outside.”

Learn to blame ourselves

Whereas if we “sincerely ask God to cleanse our hearts,” we would begin to “make the world cleaner.” “For there is an infallible way to defeat evil: to begin to conquer it within oneself.”

He concluded his speech by invoking the Virgin, “who changed history with the purity of her heart,” to “help us purify our heart, and above all overcome the vice of blaming others and grumbling about everything.”

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