Pope of the Vatican: Love lasts forever, and he who does good invests forever

In Angels, Francis stated that earthly things like money, success, appearance, and physical well-being are not meant to last. Instead, love will remain only “because the good is never lost.”

Amedeo Lomonaco – Vatican

There are things that pass and others that remain forever. “The word of the Lord does not pass.” In this difference between the eternal and the finite resonate the words of Jesus with which the Gospel of this Sunday opens: “The sun will be darkened, the moon will not yet shine, and the stars will fall from heaven” (Mk 13:24-25). This is not a “disaster.” Francis told us To understand, that “everything in this world, sooner or later, passes.” Even the sun, moon, and stars that make up the word “heaven” – a word that denotes “steadfastness” and “steadfastness” – are destined to pass away. “But in the end, adds the Pontiff, Jesus says ‘what does not happen’: Heaven and earth will pass, but my words will not pass.” Therefore, what does not pass is the horizon towards which we direct life. That is why Francis recommends that in case of important elections, Imagine, before deciding, “to be before Jesus,” to be “as at the end of life, before the One who is love.”

And thinking there, in his presence, on the threshold of eternity, we make the decision for the day. This is how we must decide: always looking to eternity, looking to Jesus. It may not be the easiest, and it may not be the most urgent, but it will be the best (cf. Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Spiritual Exercises, 187), that is certain.

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Only love will remain

Looking at Jesus, “on the threshold of eternity,” can also help answer basic questions: “We – wonders the Pope – in what do we invest our lives? In the things that happen, such as money, success, appearance and physical well-being? Are we attached to earthly things, Like we’re going to live here forever?” He added that when it was time to say goodbye, we should leave everything.

Today the word of God warns us: the spectacle of this world is passing by. And only love will remain. Therefore, the foundation of life on the word of God does not escape from history, but rather is immersion in earthly facts to make them immutable, transform them with love, and imprint upon them the sign of eternity, the sign of God.

The word of the Lord requires patience

Then the pope asserts that Jesus “distinguishes between the penultimate things, which pass, and the things that remain,”. In what – Francis continues to ask – is it appropriate to invest life? What is transient, or in the words of the Lord, that remain forever? “:

Obviously in this. But it is not easy. Indeed, things that come under our senses and give us instant gratification attract us, while the words of the Lord, though beautiful, transcend the immediate and require patience.

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away (from the Gospel of Matthew).”

Don’t build life on sand

On the path of life, what is tangible is not really necessary. “We tend to cling to what we see and touch and that seems safer to us,” says the Pope. It is “human,” but it is “a deception,” Francis warns, because “heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass.” This, the pontiff explains, is the calling:

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Don’t build life on sand. When you build a house, you dig deeply and lay a solid foundation. Only an idiot would say it’s money wasted on something that can’t be seen. The faithful disciple of Jesus is the one who bases his life on the rock that is his word.

Building Heaven on Earth

Finally, the Pope asks other basic questions before pointing out what will never be lost. “What is the center, the beating heart of God’s Word? In the end, what gives life hardness and never ends?”

Exactly the center is the beating heart, which gives strength, is charity. St. Paul says: “Love has no end” (1 Cor 13:8), that is, love. He who does good invests forever. When we see a person who is generous and helpful, meek and patient, not envious, not babbling, not boasting, not puffed up with pride, and not respectful (1 Corinthians 13:4-7). ), this is the one who builds heaven on earth. You may not have a vision or a career, but what you do will not go to waste. Because good is never lost, it stays forever.

Christ is present in the poor

After the Marian Prayer was recited, the Pope reminded that today the Fifth World Day of the Poor, “which gives birth to the fruit of the Jubilee of Mercy”, is being celebrated. He said: “In the poor, Christ is present.” The cry of the poor, with the cry of the earth – added Francis, who presided over Mass this morning – resounded in recent days at the UN Climate Change Day 26 Summit, in Glasgow. I encourage all those with political and economic responsibilities to act now with courage and a vision for the future. “The pontiff also mentioned that today, the International Day of the Poor, “registration opens for the Laudato si platform, which promotes the integrated environment.”

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Diabetes National Day

Finally, Francisco noted that today “World Diabetes Day, a chronic disease that affects many people, including young people and children” is celebrated. “I pray for them all and for those who share their fatigue every day, as well as for the health workers and volunteers who help them.”

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