Pope Francis spoke of a possible visit to …

The Pope spoke of the possibility of a visit to Argentina and said it would take place “when the opportunity arises.” “Don’t imagine being afraid of home,” said Francisco, to rule out any specific situation because of which he did not want to return to the country.

The topic of a final trip home arose in the contact made by the Pope on the flight that took him back to Rome from his trip to Iraq. I mean, until the fantasies of homophobia are not made. When the opportunity arises, (a trip) should be taken to Argentina, Uruguay and southern Brazil, because they have cultural similarities, “he explained.

He also revealed that in November 2017 there was a travel project to visit Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, but that Chile was in the middle of an election campaign and then decided to go in January. He added in this regard: “But January in Argentina and Uruguay cannot go. There is no one, it is like July or August in Rome and the proposal to go to Peru came out.”

In another paragraph of his statements, the leader of the Catholic Church expressed that the months of imprisonment due to the epidemic seemed to be “in prison.”

When talking about the trip to Iraq, I admit that the possibility of doing so has been questioned due to the chances of transmission of the Coronavirus infection. “The trips are being cooked at the right time, in my conscience and this (epidemic) is something that made me doubt, but I prayed a lot and made a decision freely, but it came from within,” he said.

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Concerning travel, the effect of the passage of time and the eighth year of the papacy which is about to be fulfilled, Francisco said cutting his fingers: “The 84 do not come alone.

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