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The Pope Francisco This Thursday I sent a letter to the president Alberto Fernandez To thank him for his message after the surgery he underwent 10 days ago, and demanded an “abundance of blessings” for the homeland to achieve “justice, fraternity and progress.”

The Pope thanked the president for his message, in which he wished him a speedy recovery from the surgery he underwent in a sanatorium in Rome for a diverticulosis in the colon and was discharged medically because of it on Tuesday.

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In the letter sent to the Head of State through the Apostolic Embassy of Buenos Aires, the Pope told him that he had received a “vigilant message of a speedy recovery” which, on the occasion of his hospitalization at the Agostinho Gimli University Infirmary, “was a courtesy” to send you.

“I thank you for this gesture and for your kindness,” the pontiff said in the letter to Fernandez.

Moreover, the Supreme Pontiff noted: “I offer my prayers to the Lord Jesus that the beloved Argentine people, also in these difficult times, may grant many blessings, so that they may advance on the paths of justice, fraternity and progress”.

Jorge Bergoglio left the Italian capital’s medical center on Tuesday, having successfully undergone colon surgery on July 4.

Francisco, 84 years old, part of the colon was removed in a programmed intervention performed under general anesthesia, from which he developed positively.

During his stay in the hospital, the Argentine Pope was able to receive and bless some of the children entering the hospital, according to photos published by the Holy See.

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In those days, the Pope also shared his “joy” with those close to him about the victories of the Argentine national team in the America’s Cup and Italy in the European Football Cup, according to Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni.

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