Pope Francis declared himself against any foreign interference in Venezuela

Pope Francis sent a message to the Venezuelans

Pope Francis spoke on Thursday In contrast to any “outside interference” in Venezuela In a message sent on the occasion The beatification of Dr. José Gregorio HernandezIn it, he asked the Venezuelans for “reconciliation” and “unity”.

“Together, I ask that we take back that Venezuela that everyone knows they are fit for, and in which everyone can find a future. And I ask God that no outside interference prevent you from walking this path of national unityArgentine Pope said.

He rememberedProlonged hardships and distress“Venezuelans who know”Exacerbated by the terrible pandemicHe called for unity and reconciliation for the good of the country.

The Argentine explained that the beatification of José Gregorio (1864-1919) takes place inA special and difficult moment for Venezuelans“ Y He expressed his desire to visit the country.

Venezuela prepares to beatify Jose Gregorio Hernandez (Reuters / Leonardo Fernandez Villoria)

Like my brother bishops, I know very well their situationI realize that their long-standing suffering and pain has been exacerbated by the terrible COVID-19 pandemic that is afflicting us all. “

As he wanted to be rememberedThe many dead and many people infected with the Coronavirus who paid their lives to keep their jobs in precarious conditions“.

“This same epidemic, which today afflicts this great holiday of the faith of beatification, reduces it to avoid infection for reasons of safety and health, He brings us all home, he doesn’t let us go out to party, and screams, No, because the epidemic is dangerousHe said, remembering that it would be a celebration for the attendance of a small number of believers due to the restrictions.

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On this occasion, Francisco was also on his mind. ”To all those who left the country In search of better living conditions, and And also those who have been deprived of their freedom and those who lack it“.

He wished for this to be beatification. “It can produce among all the response to the common good necessary for it In order for the country to be revived, reborn after the epidemic, in a spirit of reconciliation, and “urging Venezuelans to”In the midst of all difficulties, take concrete steps towards unity, without allowing frustration to be overcome“.

I ask God for reconciliation and peace between Venezuelans, and I would like to visit youFrancisco, who called for, announcedPublic institutions always know how to provide safety and confidence for allAnd that the people of this beautiful land always find opportunities for human development and coexistence. “

The Pope also asked the Venezuelans to pursue the path of national unity. “In the interest of VenezuelaAnd that everyone “earnestly and sincerely, out of respect and mutual recognition, and placing the common good over any other interest, Work for unity, peace and prosperitySo that, in this way, citizens can lead a normal, productive life, democratic stability, security, justice and hope.

He admitted that all the Venezuelans he met had asked him about the date of canonization of José Gregorio and he said that the so-called “Doctor of the Poor” is “a model of holiness committed to defending life, in the face of the challenges of history and, in particular, as a model for serving others, as a good Samaritan, without exception.” One “.

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(With information from AFP and EFE)

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