Pope Francis against the hypocrisy of politicians: they live one way in the open and another in the secret.

The Pope Francisco pointing to Against the hypocrisy of politicians who “live one way in the open and another way in secret” In the framework of the general interview on Wednesday, August 25. In turn, he condemned the existence of this behavior within the Catholic Church, which he considered “abhorrent.”

“In politics it is not uncommon to find politicians who live one way in the open and the other in secret,” he said. supreme pontiff From Paul VI’s courtroom Vatican City In front of dozens of believers and tourists who came to witness the traditional prayer.

In addition, the Bishop of Rome noted that there is a “division between what is public and what is private” among some political references.

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According to the pontiff, hypocrisy means “a fear of speaking the truth publicly, or of pretending or pretending to appear in the eyes of others” and is present in many situations in everyday life.

In this sense, Francis in turn referred to this “disgraceful behavior” which he considers also to be found within the church he leads. “There is hypocrisy in the Church, and there are many Christians and many hypocritical servants.”He criticized Francis sharply and added: “Hypocrisy in the Church is particularly loathsome.”

Meanwhile, the The highest authority in the Catholic ChurchThis behavior, he added, also has other problems because when one does not act “in any way other than the truth”, “the unity in the Church, the unity for which the Lord Himself prayed” is at stake.

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Moreover, in front of the eyes of dozens of people wearing pope masks Francisco He pointed out that hypocrisy lies in other areas of life, so he called for avoiding behavior that he indicated was condemned by Christ, especially those who “appear righteous on the outside, but on the inside are full of selfishness and falsehood.”

“He often hides in the workplace, trying to appear as friends with his colleagues while competition hits them on the back,” the Pope lamented, calling on believers to be “steadfast” and resist this behavior that turns him away. “Truth and Faith” Christian.


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