Pons IP promotes the first summer course on Web3, Artificial Intelligence, and Quantum Computing at Harvard University | legal

Pons IP is supported by the Training Department Ponce School of Business And cooperate Harvard RCC, announced the launch of the first summer course on Web 3, Artificial Intelligence, and Quantum Computing, three technologies bundled into a new concept that the course calls WAIQ. It’s a training programme executive For four days that will take place in the last week of July in a prestigious area Harvard Law School Based in the North American city of Cambridge (Boston, Massachusetts).

Given the dimensions, complexity, intersectionality and comprehensive range of contents, the program WAIQ It is the first in the world to unite technological, legal and ethical perspectives in the same global training program on these disruptive technologies. The course is sponsored by many international companies such as the company ArentFox Chefbut also ionica leading quantum computing company, and Pons IP.

During the four days of the course, the training will be delivered by a group of fifteen highly regarded national and international experts from world-leading training entities in disruptive technologies such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard Law School and also companies such as QCentroid or Multiverse Computing Or Hugging Face or Iberdrola or Telefónica and others. This training also includes the participation of experts from national companies of international standing such as gregAnd Uriah Menendez And Grant Thornton.

The program was promoted by the strategic advisor of the consulting company Pons IP, Luis Ignacio Vicente del Olmowho also serves as co-director with Jose Luis Amat It is for creators, engineers, legal professionals, and managers interested in exploring the intersection of technology and the law in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the impact of WAIQ technologies from a technological, legal, and ethical perspective. Besides the theoretical contents, the program includes practical cases and parallel activities such as a visit to the MIT Nanotechnology Laboratory.

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Louis Ignatius Vincentnoted that this summer course “presents a unique opportunity for technologists, lawyers, and ethicists to discuss the current status and legal and ethical challenges of these WAIQ technologies with students.”

The students will be 40 selected people from Europe and the United States, including business leaders and managers responsible for the legal and innovative areas of companies and organizations. They will acquire the knowledge and skills to manage the times of uncertainty and permanent change in which we face. The Program Chair noted that “WAIQ technologies pose many challenges and questions, but also huge opportunities to improve the competitiveness of companies. Do it also at one of the most prestigious universities in the world and with a first-class group. The World Cup of Experts is the best cover letter for this first edition.” .

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