Polling in Peru: OAS rules out ‘serious irregularities’ in elections

Rubén Ramírez Report on the Conclusions of the OAS Election Observation Mission Relating to Voting in Peru

Presidential vote in Peru among the candidates Keiko Fujimori s Pedro Castillo It was “Positive electoral process“undisclosed”Serious infractionsOn Friday, the Organization of American States (OAS) Election Observation Mission announced.

“The mission did not reveal serious irregularities.”It was stated in the initial report of the group headed by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Paraguay Robin Ramirez, who supports the work of Peruvian electoral bodies, was questioned by Fujimori when he denounced “Indications of fraud” and asked to cancel about 200 thousand votes.

“The Election Observation Mission/OAS reported that it observed a positive electoral process Substantial improvements were recorded between the first and second rounds.”Adds the report, which was published by Ramirez on Peruvian television and simultaneously published on the website of the Washington-based continental organization.

“The mission highlights the coincidence of the two nominations, although no winners have been announced until all challenges have been resolved,” The report, released five days after the vote, and whose scrutiny is advancing slowly due to appeals to the thousands of votes for both candidates, adds something that keeps the country on the alert.

From the file: Peru’s presidential candidates Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori, who meet in the second round after signing a “Pact for Democracy” in Lima, Peru, on May 17, 2021. REUTERS/Sebastian Castaneda.

The OAS envoys also highlighted Fujimori and Castillo’s promise to “respect the guarantees of the electoral process and institutional framework in Peru, and to recognize the outcome of the elections once the jurisdiction phase of the elections is released.”

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The mission “followed up” the voting and the post-election phase, and Hold meetings with both candidates, with Peruvian interim President Francisco Sagaste and with those responsible for the Electoral College that organizes and counts the votes (ONPE) and with the National Elections Arbitration Commission (JNE), which resolves appeals and announces the winner.

Despite this report from the Organization of American States and other electoral watchdogs that have ruled out electoral fraud, Fujimori announced last Wednesday that he will contest and seek to eliminate nearly 200,000 votes amid accusations of wrongdoing and “table fraud.”

Fujimori’s team presented as arguments for allegedly falsifying polling station signatures, or falsifying poll results simply because they did not record a single vote for a candidate. “We saw an organized intent of Peru Liber to breach the popular will,” Fujimori said.

With information from AFP and EFE

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