Polling in Peru: Keiko Fujimori’s latest allegations dismissed and Pedro Castillo’s path to the presidency clearedمهد

File photo of Pedro Castillo in front of his followers at his party headquarters in Lima (Image: Reuters)

. official announcement Pedro Castillo as president-elect of Peru it’s a Check After the electoral juries It took a month and a half to process and reject over a thousand appeals and challenges from the oath of Keiko Fujimoriwho insists on denouncing without presumptive evidence Forgery“.

In the absence of a rare week of presidential changeتغيير, The National Election Arbitration Committee (JNE) announced on Monday Incorrect The last five appeals made by Fuerza Popular, Fujimori’s party, which has so far prevented the official election results from appearing.

This has been confirmed by the agency EFE JNE sources, whose public hearing for the first time highway s unimpeded for the purpose of Processing the results presented by the 60 special juries that make up the electoral system in Peru.

Supporters of Peruvian presidential candidate Pedro Castillo gather in Lima (Image: Reuters)
Supporters of Peruvian presidential candidate Pedro Castillo gather in Lima (Image: Reuters)

In their decision they will certify expectantly the outcome Audit carried out by the National Office for Electoral Operations (ONPE), Where did Castillo get? 50,12% Of the correct votes, by a narrow margin of just 44,000 votes on his opponent.

who – which little advantage ميزة It was used by the Peruvian right to emphasize the polarization of the election campaign and lead the country to Unprecedented tension Given his refusal to acknowledge the results, including inciting the armed forces to disobey Castillo.

In that period there was ProtestsEspecially in the capital, which sometimes became violent As happened last weekend when a group of Fujimori supporters wanted to get to the Government Palace in Lima, In the midst of the presidential candidate’s pulse with the electoral bodies.

Keiko Fujimori (i) and Pedro Castillo greet each other at their debate on April 28 (Photo: EFE)
Keiko Fujimori (i) and Pedro Castillo greet each other at their debate on April 28 (Photo: EFE)

Since the audit is already expected the next day to vote for her Third loss in a row In a presidential election, the daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000), who was running on charges of over 30 years in prison for money laundering, He claimed “systematic fraud”.

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Its a very similar strategy to the one used before Donald Trump In the last presidential election United State, Fujimori Try to invalidate about 200,000 votes From the Andean, rural and poor regions where Castillo received overwhelming support, mostly from Alleged false signatures which he could not prove.

Beyond verification of complaints, several assumptions influenced by this fraud have emerged publicly to Fujimori’s denial and Reaffirm that the signatures of the electoral records were his. At the same time, the legitimacy of the Peruvian election was upheld by organizations such as Organization of American States (OAS) and European Union (European Union), as well as by the governments United State s Canada, among other countries and multilateral institutions.

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Castillo followers in Lima (Image: Reuters)
Castillo followers in Lima (Image: Reuters)

Although there is no official announcement, Castillo immediately began to see himself as the winner of the election and to serve as president-elect With meetings with various political leaders, businessmen and diplomatic delegations from countries such as China, But without declaring publicly to journalists.

As he did in the last phase of his campaign, so was Castillo tight No more than one interview was given short statement In front of the foreign press where there was no option to ask questions.

Without an official announcement, the official transfer For the department now headed by the interim president, Francisco SagasteFocus on acceleration vaccination Ensure that vaccines against COVID-19 are available until the end of the year.

This means that Castillo and his team They will have barely a week to take the reins of state before the presidential sash is hung on the shoulder on July 28.On the same day that the country will celebrate its anniversary, 200 years of their independence.

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Great Unknown Prime Minister

Pedro Castillo in Cajamarca (Photo: Bloomberg)
Pedro Castillo in Cajamarca (Photo: Bloomberg)

At the moment, this is stated by the professor from the northern Cajamarca region He will not expect the names of those who will be his ministers Until the long-awaited arrival of JNE, after in the last hours rumors of several names began.

They are beyond speculation. After the JNE announcement, we will make the official announcements corresponding to the bicentennial governmentCastillo wrote on social media.

Among the names that merge the Economic Council of Ministers Pedro Franck and the doctor Hernando Cephalos For the economy and health portfolios respectively, but the main unknown is the prime minister.

On Sunday, the name of the former congressman appeared Roger NajjarThe head of the Peruvian government’s plan, Lieber, is close to the controversy Vladimir Siron, head of the self-proclaimed Marxist party who was convicted of corruption when he was Governor of the Gonen District.

(With information from EFE)

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