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Krakow (Poland) February 26th (EFE). – Leader of the Polish rock band Satanic Behemoth, Adam Darsky, asked his fans to help pay a court fine for posting a picture of his shoes walking on his feet. Portrait of the Virgin Mary.

Drske, known as “Nergal”, was sentenced by a Warsaw court on February 8th to pay a fine of 3,300 euros (about $ 4,000) and faces two years in prison.

Now, he’s asking his fans to help out with an online fundraiser.

The musician was found guilty of “harming religious sentiments” by the Warsaw Public Prosecutor, Alexandra Skrzeniers, by posting a picture of the trampling on social media, following a lawsuit brought by the highly conservative private legal association Urdu Joris.

The singer, who currently resides in the UK with members of his band – which was founded in 1991 in Gdansk and usually performs in Poland – and who has already faced similar charges on several occasions, said he will appeal the verdict. .

In a letter leading his appeal for money, Nerval says: “More than a decade ago, I was persecuted and accused by the Polish legal system. The time for my surrender is over and I ask you to join me!” Ordo Blasphemy!

On the site where the petition was posted a week ago asking for 23,000 euros (about 28,000 dollars) – for him and distributing it to other artists who “face their own legal challenges” – nearly 29,000 euros (about 28,000 dollars) has been raised so far, 35,000 dollars).

In 2008, the National Committee for Defense against Communities, a private organization, denounced the Behemoth group when they learned that during a concert they had smashed the Bible and called it “a book full of lies”.

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In addition, the association claimed that the band attacked the Catholic Church by defending the “bloodthirsty community” and by composing the lyrics to one of their most famous songs, “Glory to the Killers of St. Adalbert,” the national patron of Poland.

At the time, the case was dismissed because it was “a kind of artistic performance of a special group of people”, according to the Polish Supreme Court.

Accusations from conservative associations and the ruling party

Since then, the band leader and composer of songs such as “I have become the Devil’s Sword,” “Apostasy,” or “Christians of Black,” have been accused by conservative associations and even members of the government.

In 2018, Dominic Tarcinski, the ruling party’s deputy in the ruling party, denounced the ultra-nationalist, for posting a video in which “Nergal” showed a plastic rod with a cross.

So far, the musician has been declared innocent of all the complaints he faced for blasphemy or insulting national symbols, such as when he placed satanic symbols on the Polish flag.

Poland has the largest number of defamation and defamation laws in all of Europe and one of the largest in the world, according to a study dated 2017 published by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

In addition to offending religious feelings, insulting the Polish president, nation or state, government officials, and even monuments, including declared trees and mountains, is also a crime.

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