Police found a watermelon on Mars

But of course: the point is that there is no one on Mars watermelon, as well as the police. Then it turned out that the posting was done in error.

The concrete thing is that even a few hours ago you could still read part of the text in archive.is:

Authorities say the increase in extraterrestrial fruit is due to the increase watermelon in outer space.

The FBI declined to comment on the reports watermelon It rained, but she confirmed that the kiwi was intercepted. This story is terribly boring.

The police say the watermelon tastes good.”

After this story had been online for a while, a New York Times spokesperson commented that it was a fake article intended for a testing system and was posted in error.

As described on Whatsnew.com, it was just a test posted in error, a “random” script written to see how a new version of a digital content manager (content management system or CMS) works.

What happened in this case is that it was tested in the production system and deployed by mistake, which is hard to imagine in environments where there is development, testing, quality and production. And above all, a lot of control.

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