Pole sent a special message to Karina La Princeta about her mental health: “She’s strong.”

A message from El Polaco to Karina la Princesita regarding her mental health (Video: Intruders)

Karina Little Princess Tejeda She is not having a good time and has publicly told the reason for her suffering: in recent days she has said that she is being treated by psychologists and psychiatrists because she suffers from depression. The singer revealed that she suffers from anxiety attacks and has been taking her emotional stabilizers, which have helped her a lot in recent months. In a note, he gave more details about the situation he had been in for some time.

“I think it’s practical. On my birthday I started talking about it because I felt like I was really taking care of myself and I needed to say that,” the artist said at Presentation partners. Also so that they would understand and understand my mood swings, why sometimes yes, why sometimes no. Well… from there general interest arose, more than anything because there are many people who experience it, but it is not uncommon to hear it from well-known people. I cannot say that I am fine, that I am cured because it is an issue that needs to be dealt with“, pointed out.

As a result of the artist’s statements, the person who went out on Monday to the bank and publicly expressed his support for her was polish, his former partner and the father of his son Sol, who, although not wanting to delve too deeply into the singer’s health, made his position clear. “Well, I don’t talk to her about it anymore. It’s a topic I don’t touch on, but She knows if she needs a hand, I’ll be there.”, the singer began to say in an interview with intruders. “I think she has her people, her environment that helps her a lot and in that aspect, like her father sunThe cumbia singer added that he knows if he needs to, I’m here.

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“I know she is a strong woman going forward. She’s a strong woman and she’s overcome a lot of adversity, so I’m calm about that, she’s KarinaAnd he concluded, giving the artist confidence that she would recover soon.

Karina said that she had a new anxiety attack (Video: Instagram)

In addition, a few days ago, Karina again, through her Instagram stories, spoke about her mental health. Lying in bed, her face and eyes broken and said to have cried in the moments leading up to the video, she talks about how she feels. “You’re not alone, that’s part of the process, I’m sending you a hugHe read the text inserted in the video in which he explained: “Today, before leaving, I was possessed by several anxiety attacks, or one, I don’t know, very, very strong. You had a very bad time. I couldn’t breathe and felt like I was losing my memory, that I was having shortness of breath and that I was going to die. terrible“.

For her part, she explained: “I consider myself a very smart girl and I am in control of many things, but My mind is playing tricks on me. I take care of myself and everything is fine, that’s part of the process, but hey, so you know how grateful I am, because my brother who works for me told me he couldn’t believe how I felt and how it didn’t show. Well, music is good for me. I’m not having a good time, but I’m sharing it more than anything else so that those things that happen to them don’t feel so weird, that there are people who understand and who have to take care of themselves, nothing else“.

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