Pokimane talks about the lack of diversity on Twitch; It is believed that the fault lies with the users

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This has definitely been a bad week for Twitch. As we told you on Wednesday, October 6th, The hacker leaked a 125GB file Which included, among many other things, millionaire earnings from broadcast operators on the platform. So it turns out that a file The vast majority of high-income earners are men.

Of course, the great Twitch personalities have taken up the controversy and shared their thoughts on the income gap that exists between male and female streamers. One of the people who talked about it was young Bokimane.

Pokimane: Twitch can’t force people to subscribe to female broadcasts

The popular content creator explains that the numbers appearing in the latest leak are a reflection of how many people have decided to subscribe to a particular channel and how that relates a lot to audience demographics.

Thus, Pokimane makes it clear that viewers from both Twitch, YouTube, and other streaming platforms choose to watch and support creators they can link to.

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“Although the majority of the gaming community is made up of white males, the majority of high-income live streaming players will also be white males,” explained the young Moroccan of origin.

Pokimane also emphasized that Twitch cannot force people to sign up for streamers, colorways, or other marginalized communities. He reiterated that this depends exclusively on the audience, although he lamented that there are currently many misogynistic, misogynistic and racist mindsets.

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The broadcast company expressed optimism that Twitch’s demographics will be more diverse in the future, and therefore women and other groups will be more successful on the platform. Of course, repeat that to achieve the above, the community must be more welcoming and inclusive.

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But tell us, what do you think of Pokeman’s statements? Do you agree with her? Let’s read to you in the comments.

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