Pokémon GO: Guide to August 2021 Community Day with Evie

The most anticipated moments of the month in Pokemon GO he is here. the community day Who is this August So special not just because he starred it eveyBut because it lasts two days. On Saturdays and Sundays, Niantic Coaches for iOS and Android have an unmissable appointment because it’s the perfect time to get any of the feelings with a special move. In this guide we tell you everything: Event dates, hours, rewards, recommendations, and special moves for evolutions.

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Community Day in August (Effie) in Pokémon GO: date, time, and features

Community Day in August 2021 features Eevee and takes place both Saturday 14 August like him Sunday 15 August. On both days, the event celebration hours are 11:00-17:00 (local time), a total of six hours per hour to choose the slots that suit them best. We remember that a strong heat wave is expected in Spain, so we recommend playing in the morning; Likewise, from Niantic they remember that safety distance is still recommended as it has been since the pandemic began: we don’t have to be close to our friends to play.

It will be during these hours when Evie will often appear in the wilderness; It may come out in its shiny/shiny form. On the other hand, for a dollar we can get to An exclusive special investigation story for Community Day de ivy whatever you want to be.

  • Regarding bonuses, they are as follows:
  • The eggs will require a quarter of the distance to hatch.
  • Incense that is activated during the event will last for three hours.
  • Bait units will be activated during the event and will last three hours.
Pokémon GO: Guide to August 2021 Community Day with Evie

All special moves for Eevee’s evolution on Community Day

  • Vaporion: a special move burn (60)
  • jolteon: a special move electric cannon (140)
  • Flareon: a special move brute force (85)
  • espon: a special move shadow ball (100)
  • amberion: a special move Psychological (90)
  • Levion: a special move seeder (8)
  • GLACION: a special move water pulsation (70)
  • Silvion: a special move download myself (65)
  • evey: a special move The last baz (90)
Pokémon GO: Guide to August 2021 Community Day with Evie
Pokémon GO: Guide to August 2021 Community Day with Evie

Recommendations for Community Day in August 2021

One of the unmissable recommendations in our guides is that Take many things from the previous days Celebrating Community Day is a way to not accuse imperfection potionsAnd Bucky Bowl NS berries, especially considering that Community Day in August lasts two days, Saturday and Sunday. In the same way, we recommend that you have perfume (In order to attract as many Pokémon as possible to your rank) and to have as many Pokémon as possible Paya Peña How do Silver pineapple berries “More candy than usual per hunt.” With this candy it will be easier to develop Effie.

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For its part, it is recommended that if you have a file evey With good genetics you position him as a partner so he can win candy and friendship. Use Ultra ball It is most recommended due to its high capture rate; And in case of difficulty, Payas Frambo to facilitate capture. If you are looking to raise your experience points, a lucky eggs Once you start playing on Community Day in August, that’s a guarantee.

Good luck everyone looking for a Shiny Evie Full IVs. and what are you eeveelution will you choose

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