Plaza Cielo Tierra opened a new entrance and added scientific instruments – Web de Noticias

  • The ribbon was cut in the context of the month anniversary of the establishment of the Center for Scientific Interpretation.
  • New spaces include the entry and exit organization, merchandise store, and new scientific instruments.

As part of the celebrations for four years in a row Plaza Cielo Tierra Center for Scientific TranslationThis morning, the work of organizing the entry and exit of the property and the store of goods and new scientific instruments opened.

The new entrance via Chacabuco at 1300 will allow visitors to arrive in a more orderly manner and ensure a careful visit to all of Córdoba.

In addition, a commercial product store was officially launched where science toys and trinkets are sold. New scientific instruments such as Rubens tube, mysterious pendulum, Ames window, Newton’s pendulum, tensile structure and 360 degree function view are also opened.

During the ceremony, the Minister of Education, Walter Grahovac, stated that the Plaza “It is a space that unites science with citizens and the intent to share knowledge.”

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