PlayStation shrinks PS3 and PS Vita features with new firmware update

Sony releases a surprise patch that limits account creation on both devices.

It’s been more than a year since the networks caught fire with a file controversial decision from Play Station: Close the digital stores for PS3, PS Vita and PSPwhich entails More than 2,000 games have disappeared. In response to a heated response from the community, PlayStation to retreat And that ended up ending support for the PSP platform, but that doesn’t mean the PS3 and PS Vita systems will last forever.

The update prevents the creation of new PSN accounts on both devicesThis brings us to an unexpected novelty for both consoles: new update. As pointed out by some users, we can now download a file Firmware 4.89 for PS3 and 3.74 For PS Vita, which introduces some changes to features related to user accounts.

On the one hand, the new update It will prevent the creation of new PSN accounts On both consoles, so we’ll have to use another system if we want to enter the PlayStation world through a new user. Despite this change, from Sony Make sure that the PS3 and PS Vita You will get to know the account They are already created, so the limitation will only be noticed in their creation on consoles.

But the firmware update brings another surprise to the PS3 ecosystem: a new layer of security that introduces Two-step verification through another device. As you can imagine, we need to install these patches if we want to continue using the multiplayer features or if we want to browse the PS Store, so we can actually prepare for another sudden change on the PS3 and PS Vita.

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Although the community rejects the experience of closing PlayStation digital stores, this does not mean that the company Reduce your mechanics more important. For now, the PS3 and PS Vita will continue to support the ability to purchase games through their PS stores, but it’s worth noting that Some of your payment options have already been removed.

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