PlayStation 4 can take you out of games if you run out of CMOS battery, new firmware will be needed to avoid this

Sony’s main console will need constant support to keep its games alive.

For the past few days, there has been a long talk on Twitter about an issue threatening 115 million consoles Playstation 4 What’s in the world: your CMOS battery. That is, according to the attempt of different users, once it is exhausted Impossible to play For any game, physical or digital, unless we are online.

The topic arose with a tweet from the account “Does It Play?” Expressing our concern on the issue: “We fear it has serious repercussions on Maintain programsWhen trying to put it into practice, some users found that, in fact, it wasn’t possible to play without the battery or connection. That’s because, according to Lance MacDonald – the same person who searched for Bloodborne With the purpose Find the clipped heads– for the internal clock.

The issue has serious implications for preserving programsIn the eyes of users, this watch cannot be seen or modified to avoid manually changing the PlayStation Network Awards time, but it also performs basic functions such as Open games. Like any other battery, it ends up dying, but even if you open the controller and put in a new controller, you will have to contact Sony online services to operate it.

he is Double layer of trouble: On the one hand, we have exhaust batteries. On the other hand, the concern that if Sony stops support for PSN, it will be an eventual death toll for all PS4 games, both online and offline. Solution? Sony will have to release a firmware update aimed at removing clock synchronization requirements. What happens or not is something time will tell.

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Support from previous PlayStation

It is not an alarm or anything, but it is no longer available this month PlayStation Digital Store on a PS3 or PS Vita. Of course, it’s not like the previous-generation console will face the same fate anytime soon, but we’re still talking about real risks. Be this way, while the CMOS batteries are finished, PS5 Finally embrace backward compatibility.

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