Players end up fulfilling one of Cyberpunk 2077’s great promises that CD Projekt has left out.

The mod that adds a subway to Night City can be yours completely for free with our Nexus Mods.

Projekt RED CD Release Cyberpunk 2077 movie Almost two years. Many users Charm Suggestion while others are some aspects of the game ruined completely Experience. there The item CD Projekt RED threw away in its daybut this mod is well implemented in the video game.

The user has created a mod that adds a subway that you can now download and adds 19 exploreable stationsThe User keanuWheeze create it Add meters to cyberpunk2077 Which has great detail as you can see the whole night city from the train. Currently you can edit Download on Nexus Mods It includes Features Which every player will appreciate with this title.

This mod implements the following: “A fully usable subway system, with 19 stations to explorewas seen in third / first person And much more.” The latter means “100% original user interface, just Compatible with the controllerAnd the No loading screens And there are no hotkeys to configure,” according to a description of the mod on Nexus Mods.

It is defined by the user who downloaded it as follows: “I’ve finally installed the Metro System for Cyberpunk 2077. It’s the best mod. It’s fully integrated In the main experience has its own characteristics and nuances. I prefer it over the express travel system itself from the game. God, I love the night,” the player exclaimed with satisfaction.

What’s next for Cyberpunk 2077

A few days ago CD Projekt announced in a file Special Event The Future of Cyberpunk 2077. Officially announced The next and only expansion of the title, Phantom Liberty For computers and computers of the new generation, but Not for PS4 and Xbox One. it’s about A villain can go well. Added to this is the fact that Cyberpunk 2077 was bombarded with success in the animation Edgerunners.

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