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Every year, for a decade, on August 29, it was Player’s Day all over the world. In this special history, it should be noted that gaming laptops are among the most acquired equipment for this large segment of users, the ones that allow gamers to live great experiences in a challenging and challenging virtual world.

For Yuzel Ahumada, Product Manager for Latin America at Dell Technologies, having high-tech gadgets is the key to an optimal gaming experience and uninterrupted visual quality and capability.

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It also separates “The passion for video games does not stop. Hence, it is imperative for gamers to have cutting-edge technology that does not limit their expectations and allows them to exploit their full potential”, he claims.

Therefore, under Specialist offers 4 features that every user should consider when buying a gaming laptop.

4 recommendations for choosing a laptop

  • Powerful graphics card. It is a very important component and should be consistent with the games used, as some require higher graphical performance than others. Two great options are laptops with graphics cards from the RTX 3060 6GB to the RTX 3080 16GB.
  • High definition screen. The size of this item has a huge impact on players’ performance. An important aspect when looking for a PC is that it has at least one screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and 250 nits so that the user does not suffer from a trick in executing the game. To ensure an incredible experience the gamesOne of the technologies you can choose from is Gsync or Freesync, which allow better synchronization between the monitor and the graphics card, avoiding update delays and jitters during use.
  • Healer. This component is the brain of the laptop and has a huge impact on the performance of all the tasks it performs, plus it affects the battery life. On the other hand, it allows the computer to start and run programs in a proper way and it can also handle many programs and windows at the same time. Recommended models that meet all these characteristics are in the Dell G series such as the Alienware which drives the 11th generation Intel Core i5/i7/i9 processors or the 5th generation AMD Ryzen R5/R7 for the user to play your favorite games.
  • Efficient cooling system. A good thermal system will ensure that the equipment remains warm and does not overheat during the most demanding moments in the game. Consider a laptop with a cooling system that includes fans, cooling tubes, and heat sinks that allow the machine to be used for long hours without overheating or damaging.
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