Play with your partner on Valentine's Day: Five nicknames that will strengthen your relationship

Video games from the Super Mario Bros series are a good alternative to play this Valentine's Day. (Illustrative image)

Celebrating Valentine's Day, a day that focuses on love and friendship, provides an excellent opportunity to explore joint activities that strengthen bonds between couples. Among the many entertainment options available, cooperative video games emerge as an innovative and fun alternative, capable of complementing romantic plans for that special day.

The selection of recommended titles spans diverse genres and dynamics, ensuring that every couple can find a game that suits their interests and preferences. Not only do these video games strive to provide hours of fun, but they also seek to encourage interaction and cooperation between couples, showing that shared challenges can become unforgettable moments.

Available on various consoles, including Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, the recommended titles are available to a wide audience, making them an attractive option to celebrate love this Valentine's Day. Below we provide recommendations for Valentine's Day.

The video games presented are available on the most popular video game consoles in the world. Illustration information

The first recommendations lie in games that do not require a lot of knowledge of the gaming world, but rather the desire to live a satisfying experience as a couple. The latest installment in the Super Mario Bros saga allows couples, and even groups of friends, to share the gaming experience in a challenging but always fun environment.

Super Mario Bros Wonder maintains the charm and simplicity of previous titles, while introducing new elements that enrich the gameplay, allowing players to either interact for an afternoon or progress through the challenges it presents. This game is exclusively for the Nintendo Switch console.

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Besides this video game icon, there is also Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, a remake of the original, which maintains important aspects of its predecessor and has received good reviews since its launch in 2019. Couples can enjoy a variety of races that this game Compete to win the famous jackpot. It is available on consoles PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

These video games are not only for romantic relationships but also for friends who want to have a good time. (Illustrative image)

If car racing or the Super Mario Bros franchise may seem unappealing, and by deciding as a couple the preference goes beyond the artistic aspect, Let's Sing 2024 invites couples to compete or collaborate in singing current and classic musical songs, providing a festive and relaxed atmosphere.

Additionally, for those who enjoy movement and music and want to experience some sort of dance floor or karaoke vibe, “Just Dance 2024” provides a unique and fun experience to soothe the mind during this holiday. Through a wide range of popular songs, accompanied by stunning choreography, Couples have the opportunity to share a lively moment filled with laughter.

There are also video games that reflect everyday emotions. (Image: EA)

If the couple isn't interested in sci-fi themed games, the video game Overcooked! “All You Can Eat,” with its frenetic pace of play, challenges couples to coordinate effectively to handle the kitchen under intense pressure. This video game is a fun allegory for the everyday challenges couples can face, and tests their ability to cooperate and adapt to unexpected situations.

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There are also It Takes Two immerses players in an emotional adventure that focuses on the relationship between a couple on the verge of divorceOr turn your challenges into an opportunity to rediscover love and mutual understanding. The gameplay and proposed narrative are designed to be experienced in co-op mode, which encourages communication and teamwork.

Selection of recommended cooperative video games It offers a range of experiences that not only enhance fun, but can also help strengthen emotional bonds.

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