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Canadian government She announced that it would be stretched Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program For the next three years. To do this, it plans to hire foreigners to work in various fields and give them the opportunity to obtain residency in that country.

The program was created by Canada in 2017 to attract new immigrants to Provinces of Atlantic Canada Such as North Bay, Sudbury, Timmins, Salt St. Mary in Ontario; Vernon, in British Columbia, and Clarisholm, in Alberta, among others.

Among the professionals wanted by the Canadian government are highly-qualified individuals with specialized work or professional or technical experience. To do this, a record must be filled out on the following page:

The program is designed to spread the benefits of economic migration to smaller communities by creating a pathway to permanent residency for skilled foreign workers who wish to work and live in one of the participating societies.

The pilot program will be launched in the participating communities at various times. If the website is listed as “soon,” then the beta has not been released in that community.

The program is designed as a unique plan to accelerate the adjustment to Canadian life of new residents; By accessing community resources, assistance in finding housing, transportation, and as a recipient of basic public services.

On the other hand, the Atlantic International Graduate Program is aimed at candidates with a degree, diploma, or other credentials from a publicly funded institution in the Atlantic Province.

Candidates must have a job offer in one of the Atlantic counties. The job offer to the candidate does not need to be in the same profession as previous work experience. For more information, click here.

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