Planas stresses that Spain will “exhaust all avenues” to continue research in Canada

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, visited the facilities of the Fisheries Owners’ Cooperative in the Port of Vigo (ARVI) this morning to brief him on the Full support for companies operating in the fishing sector And to the families and friends of the sailors of Villa de Betanxo. After the visit, he confirmed in statements to the media that the Spanish government “is in close contact with the Canadian authorities.” If there is an opportunity,“It would allow the search for the disappeared twelve to continue.

He acknowledges that as a result of continued contact with Canada and Portugal, “a Process coordination quickly And that the ships that were fishing in the area, the Spanish and Portuguese, Can help save the three survivorsand retrieve the nine dead bodies.” Although 12 people are currently missing, Planas confirmed that the operation coordinator at the Halifax Joint Coordination Center believes The research concluded at 21:00 Spanish time Yesterday, “But Spain is still trying to resume“.

“At all times we maintain Connect with Canada, looking for that window opportunity, although they repeat to us that The sea conditions at this time are very dangerousThe minister acknowledged “the circumstances in which the work was actually carried out within 36 hours of work.”

Minister Planas during his meeting at the Cooperative Society of Shipowners in Vigo. Photo: Marta Vázquez-EP

For his part, the head of Xunta confirmed in the press conference after the Concelo that the regional administration “Very sorry for the comment From the search, “but it is not valid to request a new operation.” We understand the Canadian authorities and their rescue protocols, but In Spain we used to spend more hours To confirm the final disappearance of people at sea,” said Figo.

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“Twelve families are still waiting for news of their loved ones”


For this reason, Xunta has Request from the government to mediate forTo demand the resumption of research missions “because we believe that The Spanish government can request this measure through diplomatic channels or even send their own means.” He asserts that the intent, in any way, is to stir up controversy, “We are just reporting this request to Moncloa and they are studying the possibilities with the State Department,” although at the moment there is no confirmation of what can be done.” Explain that to many families We already consider those twelve bodies lostBut it is an issue that must be resolved between Canada and Spain, We can only offer our suggestion“.

Relatives are calling for the search efforts to continue

This was requested by the relatives of the victims of the Galician fishing shipwreck in Canada Continue to search for the missing And to clarify the reasons for the sinking of the ship.

In statements to Europa Press, Kevin Gonzalez, son of Fernandez Gonzalez, one of the missing sailors, requested that Continue to search for corpses. “We know it’s complicated, but we want the research to continue,” he claimed.

He also regretted that “No one has contacted the families To inform them of this change of plans by the Canadian authorities, so he asks that they be called to explain “what is being done and what is to be done”.

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Pedro Arana, President of the Association of Peruvians in Galicia. Photo: Pedro Davila/EP

Along the same lines, the President of the Peruvian Galicia Association, Pedro Arana, who conveyed “Sadness ‘families in the end of research efforts. “We expected more sensitivity from the Government of Canada. And also from the United States, which are the closest countries,” he regretted.

This is why he asked them to “change their way of thinking” and They put themselves in the shoes of familiesnot only the Peruvian victims, but also the Gallicans and Ghanaians, who demand that the body of their relatives be found.

“We already know that they are dead, but These 12 people are not worth giving upMaria Jose Dopazo, daughter of Francisco Dopazo, a crew member whose whereabouts have yet to be determined.

Families who claim to be “abandoned” demand it Spain resumes the search on its own of the sailors who are still missing and will pass it on to the Minister. “We do not see cooperation, assistance, or protection. We want the means that Spain should wear. And Maria José Dopazzo argued, if Canada does not want to provide resources, Spain has sufficient resources in the region.”

The arrival of the survivors to the port

For now, what has been confirmed is that Three survivors and nine bodies found will arrive Tomorrow morning to the port of Saint John“The time cannot be confirmed because it depends on navigation,” Planas said, in Canada. There you will receive Consul General of Spainwho traveled from Montreal to Providing diplomatic support in repatriation missionsAs explained by the minister.

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He asked for “caution when reporting because there are Many affected families”, a line that has also been repeated on several occasions by Feijóo and even by ARVI president, Javier Tuza. A team of psychologists is available to family members of the sailors, who have been receiving support since yesterday “and will be able to continue talking to these professionals in the coming days and weeks,” Figo said.

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