Pixel art and neon lights in Replaced, an independent movie that premiered on Game Pass in 2022

It was replaced by one of the indie games that was present at the Xbox conference at E3 2021.

the games independent It has always been an important part of advertising at events X-Box And E3 2021 is no exception. It was one of the independent sites that was part of the list of Microsoft conference announcements has been replaced, a title intended to premiere sometime next year and that Coming directly to Xbox Game Pass.

We will follow the story of REACH, an artificial intelligence trapped in the human body.There is little information about this title developed by the team sad cat studios, although described as a file Retro and futuristic sci-fi platformer which we will control ReachesAn artificial intelligence is trapped in the human body and will have to explore the secrets hidden in it Phoenix City In the future that looks like An alternative version of the 80’s. In the altered universe, 40 years have passed since a nuclear explosion, and now everything is controlled by a corrupt government.

Redeemed promises to combine a cinematic experience and a platform experience with plenty of action and carefully detailed pixel art. This address will be published by KotsinkRemember the publisher for games like Vogues! s Cake Bash.

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