Pinera was left alone with his criticism of Bachelet | The Chilean Foreign Ministry said there were “no flaws” in the former president’s expression of her electoral preference

Contrary to the words of President Sebastian Pinera, The Chilean Foreign Ministry warned that there were no “flaws” in it The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, you have spoken for Gabriel Borek. Minister of Foreign Affairs , Andres AllemandHe said the ex-president could express her “electoral preference in the face of such an important election” in the same way as “any Chilean.” Pinera, for his part, emphasized that Bachelet has a duty to “comply with the rules and norms” of international organizations. Contrary to the country’s top three pollsters, Borek is the preferred candidateAnd The last survey done by the consulting company black and white Talking about art clouds With far-right Caste, though, he’s not thinking about the undecided voters, who will decide Sunday’s election.

“We have no doubt that he made an express electoral preference, which was in some way to show off”Allamand said about Bachelet’s words. The Chilean foreign minister stressed the idea that the institution does not see any problem in the words of the former president, ruling out taking measures despite the ruling party’s requests.

On Tuesday, the former Chilean president announced her vote for BorekCalling for the election of “a president who ensures that our country can truly continue on the path of progress for all, more freedom, equality, human rights that are respected, a sustainable environment and of course a chance for a new constitution.”

This situation has generated unease in the sector of the ruling party that supports Caste, and Pinera himself has declared this. “Former President Bachelet, as a Chilean citizen, has the right to express her opinion, but she also has an obligation to comply with the standards and rules that the United Nations sets for international officials.”The outgoing Chilean president said after passing the so-called “Juan Barrios law” that toughens penalties for car arson attacks.

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