Picardo on EU-UK negotiations: “We are one step away from a historic treaty”

Fabian Picardo during his speech. GBC

“The positions in the negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom are becoming clear and there are concrete proposals on the table.” Gibraltar’s Prime Minister, Fabian Picardo, was clear and emphatic, during his speech on Monday in the Gibraltar Parliament.

In his speech in the hall, Picardo endorsed the statements of the Spanish Foreign Minister: “I totally agree with ParisIn his estimation, we can be confident that this will move forward as quickly as possible.”

In this regard, he notes that it is “possible” We will need two more rounds (of the eight that have held so far) of formal negotiations, at least. The first is likely to be held in early June if the parties agree on the correct dates.”

“unimaginably complex”

Some negotiations he emphasized, “of unimaginable complexity. The EU treaties, as all EU lawyers know, are very detailed and complex.” He added, “With the Spanish side we have established a solid relationship in which we hope to resolve these historical issues in a way that everyone wins in cases that do not affect sovereignty.”

In his intervention also Picardo I mentioned border controls“A core issue throughout the negotiation period. This means working to agree in detail on where the employees involved will be located, what they will do and for whom. Therefore, we had to determine what each relevant body would do when performing these checks. But the key is that there will be no such controls on the border between us and Spain. In other words, as the controls are currently implemented, there will be none. however Queues and border controls will end forever, at least for the life of the treaty As we know them today.”

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On another point he added: “Nothing will take us away from Britain. Indeed, our people know that Gibraltar is closer to the United Kingdom today than ever before.”

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