Photo of The Witcher filter with Henry Cavill on set

Henry Cavill, who rose to global fame thanks to his time as Superman, doesn’t stop Dazzle at The Witcher. In this Netflix original series, bringing the mighty Geralt of Rivia to life, he’s found reaching a larger audience with an innovative and utterly captivating story.

The Witcher: Season Two | Official Trailer | Netflix

Now, a huge number of fans around the world want to see the actor again in the skin of this iconic character. But the truth is Netflix has not yet released a release date. Honey, it’s not official, but not a trailer that predicts what could happen.

So far, the only sure thing is that filming for the third season of The Witcher began several months ago in the UK. The production was announced via an official Instagram photo Beginning of recordings.

This postcard caused quite a stir because it hinted that Cirilla, Geralt, and Yennefer would experience new adventures together. However, recently Redanian Intelligence showed the first shot of one of the most important scenes. In it, Henry Cavill is seen with Mahesh Jadu, who will play Vilgefortz from Roggeveen and will be one of the biggest competitors for the champion, who is not afraid to meet him in fights like the one in the photo.

This scene will depend on The Time of Contempt, one of the many novels of Andrei Sapkowsky, the real writer of The Witcher Now, Season 3 will be adapting this book. Likewise, it’s worth noting that the new episodes will feature great places like Bay of the Three Cliffs, where that moment was filmed on June 27.

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