Phil Spencer declared himself a huge fan of Double Fine

Tim Shaffer is among the nominees for Game of the Year at the 2021 Game Awards.

The last nomination for Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2021 NS Psychology Pioneers 2 No one should be surprised, Tim Shaver’s new nickname Ghazana with movement and platforms and Some scenarios that you might want to explore down to the smallest detail. Although it seems that double fine He has another big fan of his toys.

Maybe the game of the year, it’s just a great gamePhil SpencerKing jefe de Xbox, Phil Spencer, declared himself a fan of studio games in a chat With Major Nelson, who resonated Pure XboxWhere he admitted Spencer is in his opinion Game of the Year. “Frankly, for me, [Psychonauts 2] It is likely to be game of the year, He simply great game. In my opinion, as a fan of Double Fine, it is Best game ever releasedSpencer confirmed.

It’s the best game Double Fine ever madePhil SpencerNot only did Spencer play the latest version of this original Double Fine franchise, he also shared that prior to the release of Psychonauts 2, he decided to return to the 2005 classicPlay it through backwards compatibility, admit feeling Impressed after restoring the original adventure After all this time.

Psychonauts received 2 Congratulations so much Since its launch, including the launch PlayStation Studios President, Hermann Holst. Tim Schaeffer’s work isn’t just about caring for him Visible or playable sectionIt also strives to treat everything around it with respect and naturalness Mental health, normalizing the need to seek treatment.

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