Peruvian inquiries to immigrate to Canada grow by 60%

The Inquiries from Peruvians to immigrate to Canada grew by 60%, If we compare the first quarter of 2021 to the same period in 2020. This was detailed by René Perrosby, Legal and Immigration Adviser.

In conversation with RPP News, He explained that in the past weeks there has been a growth in consultations and that they are already being addressed Work and study permits.

The specialist said: “Although the Canadian border is closed to tourism, Canada has given priority to people who have job offers and studies. Many people talk about the need for immigrants to face the effects of the epidemic on the economy.”


Interest in immigration to that country responds to two factors. The main thing is the “topic.” Political and uncertainty“About the two candidates and the second, but also necessary,” he Government response to the pandemic“.

“fact that The grafting process is unclear and has no contributing horizon For people to look at other destinations. The Peruvian has always been an adventurous person. I think there is a real increase in people looking for other horizons because the epidemic has exposed many problems that were present in Peru, “Perrosby details.

Immigrant and the economy

Renee Perrosby details it in Canada “The immigrant is seen as a source of wealth And an opportunity for the country to benefit. “

“The state plays a role in the integration of immigrants. The system is attractive and focuses on immigrants as the basic base of the economy (…) Immigrants will be the contributors to the well-being To get out of the effects of the epidemic. “

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