Peru: The opposition has submitted a censure memorandum against President Pedro Castillo

Pedro Castillo (Photo: Europa Press)

The opposition submitted this Thursday A movement blamed for moral impotence against the President of Peru, Pedro Castillo, thanks to the signatures of members of Congress Popular power, popular renewal and the developed country.

The motion proposed last week by Congresswoman Avanza Pace and the 3rd Vice President of Congress, Picture of Patricia chirinos, In the end 28 signatures, two is too much, although it will now require support from the total 52 deputies are allowed to participate in the debate.

Then, Congress will approve the date and time of debate and vote that President Castillo must attend in the presence of counsel. The opposition needs to achieve its goal 87 votes in favor of At a time when most parliamentary forces have already demonstrated He refused to remove it.

Two days ago, Castillo criticized this new attempt by the opposition during a work in the Huancavelica region: “They are asking for a vacancy from a person chosen by the people when we struggle to give gas to all Peruvians (…). I have had bloody conflicts and today I am the government I will not back down “Promised Castle She encouraged the deputies to “request a vacancy in front of the people and not within four walls.”

And so the president referred for the first time to the impeachment motion that many right-wing parties are trying to promote in Congress, including the Fujimori People’s Force, Its leader, Keiko Fujimori, won the last presidential election by a slim margin.

I don’t need people who don’t think like people to set an agenda for me. They ask for a vacancy from a person chosen by the peopleCastillo warned.

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Both members of Congress and the government were elected on the same date and opportunity. Hence, I must tell you, it is time for Congress to give accounts to the country for more than 100 days. The governor asked: What are they doing to Peru?

Castillo admitted thatbe silent“was”Respectable‘, but predicted that he felt compelled to come out and speak in the face of constant criticism from the opposition from Parliament.

To formally submit a motion to impeach the president, 26 signatures of members of Congress are required, accepted for processing, 52 votes from the plenary session of Parliament, while 87 votes out of 130 seats are required for success, equal to two-thirds of the Peruvian assembly.

For now, the opposition is having a hard time getting votes to remove Castillo from power if the president maintains the support of the hard-line wing of the Marxist party, Peru Lieber. that he won in the presidential election.

(With information from Europa Press and EFE)

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