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Peru is seeking the participation of mining companies Las Bambas of China’s MMG and Southern Copper of Grupo México in an ambitious project to build a railway from the mineral-rich Andean region to the country’s central coast, Minister of Energy and Minas, Ivan Merino, said.

Representatives of the two mining companies, for their part, said that they are ready to provide support as necessary in developing the mineral and personnel training plan.

Merino said the railway infrastructure, which is in the technical evaluation stage, could be built from 2023 and its starting point would be a “mining node” located in Cusco or Apurimac to reach the Pacific port of Marcona. Tuesday afternoon interview.

“The cost of the project is being evaluated,” the minister said in one of his offices in the ministry. “Taking into account the bureaucratic procedures, the entire train infrastructure will be ready in 2028,” the official said.

He added that the metal wagons “will be wrapped and will not cause pollution. It will also transport passengers.”

“The cost of the project is being evaluated,” Energy and Mines Minister Ivan Merino said. “Taking into account the bureaucratic procedures, the entire train infrastructure will be ready in 2028,” the official said.

Merino said she is analyzing whether the train was developed through an “inter-government” agreement or with the private sector, because in the southern Andes of the country there are large mines such as MMG’s Las Bambas and copper projects such as Los Chancas de Southern Copper from Grupo México.

Las Bambas produces an average of 350,000 tons of copper per year and Los Chancas is a US$2.6 billion project in the environmental impact study phase where Southern Copper plans to produce 100,000 tons per year.

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“They’re part of the project, we’ve told them all the conversations and we’re going to involve everyone involved,” Merino said.

The Antapaccay mines at Canada’s Glencore and Constancia de Hudbay Minerales also operate in the Andean region of southern Peru. Peru is the world’s second largest producer of copper, zinc and silver, according to government data.

“It is a viable issue as a state policy and President Pedro Castillo can withdraw by inaugurating the first section of the train when he has accomplished his mission (in 2026),” the minister said.

Mining companies provide support. Merino said he had started talks about the project with the governor of the Ica region, where Marcona is located, and that he would do the same with all authorities involved in the project. “Whatever it takes, we’ll do it,” he said.

When asked about the plan, Southern Copper Vice President of Finance Raul Jacob said he had discussed the train proposal with Secretary Merino at a recent meeting.

“We consider it an interesting project that should be carefully evaluated to meet the expectations of all end-users of the services,” he told Reuters in a written letter. “Developing transportation infrastructure is important for everyone,” the executive added.

Southern Copper already operates a 218-kilometre rail line to take its production from two mines in the south of the country to the Ilo port.

Meanwhile, Maggie Chen, director of corporate affairs at Australia-based MMG Ltd, said in an email that Las Bambas is aware of Peru’s plan to build a railway from the mining area to a port.

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“We stand ready to work closely with the government and assist it whenever and wherever it is needed,” he said.

Merino said that in a recent meeting with executives in Las Pampas, Peru, they told him that the miner would pay an old tax debt of 690 million sols to sales tax in the next 30 days, following the decisions of Mining Buenaventura. Cerro Verde.

“This is a symbol of confidence,” the minister said. “There is another company coming up (which will pay the outstanding debt), which is a big and prestigious company, and we are in talks,” added Merino, who was relieved of identifying the miner in question.

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