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Nuclear physicist Rolando Páucar, a member of this party’s technical team, said that Peru Libre is proposing to create a Ministry of Science and Technology in order to increase investment in this field and make this the focus of future development.

He explained that the past year has shown that a commitment to science and technology is not an issue that should be put off any longer, in the face of threats such as climate change, the natural resource crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Threats coexist with opportunities, and then we must act responsibly,” he said.

Baúcar said he supports candidate Pedro Castillo for his interest in putting science and technology on the national agenda, demonstrating his commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly economic growth and development.

“The commitment to create a Ministry of Science and Technology is not intended to create more bureaucracy, nor does it intend to be a personal project for a particular scientist. What it seeks is increased investment and reorientation so that knowledge becomes the main focus of Peru’s future.”

According to the scientist, this new institutional framework will be able to develop and clarify knowledge that responds and anticipates the needs of the country.

“We encourage technology parks, museums and interactive science centers where not only interest in science and technology is generated, but also new research projects linked to strategic productive sectors. We recognize that opportunities and threats coexist,” he said.

For Páucar, the future that Castillo proposes is one in which the talents and abilities of scholars are harnessed and enhanced, so that their research generates social, cultural and material value for Peru.

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Publication date: 6/3/2021

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