Perseverance records stunning helicopter video on Mars

Although Ingenuity continues to break its own records as the first controlled, motorized flying machine on another planet, we haven’t had much visual evidence of its exploits. The telemetry data that NASA scientists receive is on Earth, but there aren’t a lot of photos and videos. Fortunately, NASA has now released the most detailed images yet of an innovative helicopter in flight.

The two videos were recorded during the helicopter’s thirteenth flight, which took place on 4 September. The 16-second flight saw creativity travel nearly 210 meters horizontally, at a height of 8 metres. Perseverance El rover The helicopter’s maneuvers were recorded using the two-camera Mastcam-Z system, from a distance of about 300 meters.

“The value of the Mastcam-Z system really shines through in these videos,” said Justin Mackie, deputy principal investigator for the Mastcam-Z instrument at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California. release from the space agency. Even at 300 metres, we get a great close-up of take-off and landing through the ‘right eye’ of the Mastcam-Z. And while the helicopter is nothing more than a blur in the view taken through the ‘left eye’, it gives viewers a good idea. about the scale of the environment that creativity explores.”

Recently, NASA scientists have had to program the intelligence to move a little faster, to compensate for the thinner atmosphere on Mars as the planet’s seasons change. The helicopter’s navigation system is automated and uses artificial intelligence to constantly measure and correct environmental variables such as wind speed and ground level.

“It’s unbelievable to be able to see this [corrección automática]Havard follicle, the commander of Ingenuity company said, at the same time release. “It enhances the accuracy of our modeling and our understanding of how to better operate creativity.”

On its thirteenth voyage, Ingenuity 10 captured images of some intriguing rocky outcrops on Earth, as part of an ongoing exploration mission for Perseverance. The Perseverance Chariot is primarily an itinerant geologist (complete with a small lab), and EngThe audacity, having transformed from a mere technical show, is now using its travels to locate interesting rock deposits.

with the Solar conjunction Completed, the time when the sun cut off communications between Earth and Mars, creativity will begin Return journey to its first airport. The road ahead is long for the wagon of perseverance, but where creativity goes, it needs no roads.

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