Perfect love: What this father was willing to do for his son’s health in Canada

This is the story of a father who underwent a rigorous exercise routine to lose weight, in order to achieve the physical condition needed to donate an organ to his son.

This is Daniel Kapluziak, who lost 35 kilograms of body weight so that doctors would allow him to give his 16-year-old son Hunter one of his kidneys, according to the media. CBC Canada published his testimony.

In an interview with North American Network, Kaplutsiak said that in 2020 Hunter was diagnosed with stage 5 kidney disease, a condition that he can live with despite kidney damage.

In this sense, the father of the minor recounted that although his son had already obtained a portion of relative calm from the specialists, he had to take about 10 tablets a day to maintain his health.

As Kaplutsiak told the Canadian media, consuming this amount of medication “easily drains your energy compared to the average teenager.”

In this sense, Hunter’s father considered the personal challenge to reach a weight that would allow him to give his son a new kidney so that he could live in peace, as the man was overweight which made him reach 125 kilograms, and he had to be less than 90 years old to be a donor.

The young man’s brothers could also receive the organ, but Kapluziak decided it would spare his children the surgery and possible future complications. Then Daniel took the lead with a balanced diet in which he had to reduce his sugar intake, and engage in regular physical activity.

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Although it is not an easy task, this father’s love for his son helped bring him down 35 kilos in 13 monthsA goal he achieved last March when doctors told him he had been accepted as a fisherman’s donor.

Now, the man has told the Canadian outlet that he plans to stay at a healthy weight to meet his requirements by playing hockey with his son, who will get his father’s organ in June this year.

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